Friday, 27 November 2009


The NFL Players Association has agreed to expand the number of National Football League players featured on MogoTXT Inc.’s text-messaging platform.

The deal is designed to position NFL stars to benefit from the emergence of social networking and mobile media. Marques Colston, Percy Harvin, Pierre Thomas, Erik Coleman, Chris Cooley, Jay Feely, Lance Moore, Steve Slaton and Ian Johnson have joined Terrell Owens, Santonio Holmes and other NFL personalities on the MogoTXT platform.  Representing more than 1,800 active and many retired NFL players, the NFL Players Association markets players as personalities, as well as professional athletes.

Through an exclusive sponsorship agreement between the organization and the NFL, players are integrated into NFL sponsor activation programs. In addition, under an exclusive agreement between the NFLPA and the NFL,, the company’s official Web site, is part of the part of the NFL Internet Network.

Each year NFLPA negotiates and facilitates marketing opportunities for players.  NFLPA activities include retail licensing, corporate sponsorships and promotions, special events, radio and television projects, publishing and the Internet. 
MogoTXT is a mobile messaging company focused on delivering immersive and entertaining mobile experiences for its users.

In addition to offering its mobile and online services in the United States and China, MogoTXT provides a platform for sports stars and other celebrities send a single text message to automatically update all of their fans on MogoTXT, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other Web sites.

By enabling athletes and celebrities to connect with their fans regardless of where they are, MogoTXT helps aggregate dispersed fans into larger audiences for marketing and other monetization purposes.

Under the new partnership, MogoTXT, the NFL Players Association and participating NFL stars will share revenues generated from content created by the SMS microblogging platform.

MogoTXT, the NFL Players Association and participating stars will also donate a significant portion of the revenues to selected charities, including charitable initiatives sponsored or supported by the NFL Players Association and participating NFL stars.

The new partnership has enabled the following NFL players to join MogoTXT’s growing roster of NFL and NBA sports personalities:
Erik Coleman, safety, Atlanta Falcons
Marques Colston, wide receiver, New Orleans Saints
Lance Moore, wide receiver, New Orleans Saints
Pierre Thomas, running back, New Orleans Saints
Chris Cooley, tight end, Washington Redskins 
Jay Feely, placekicker, New York Jets
Percy Harvin, wide receiver, Minnesota Vikings
Ian Johnson, running back, Minnesota Vikings
Steve Slaton, running back, Houston Texans

MogoTXT has also added a new group-texting channel to its service that enables fans to see the back-and-forth text-message conversations among Marques Colston, Lance Moore and Pierre Thomas as New Orleans enjoys an undefeated season and proceeds to the NFL playoffs.  Sports fans in the U.S. can join any or all of MogoTXT’s public texting groups for free by signing up at