Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Razorfish - Brand Experience Report (2009)

Publicis-owned digital agency, “Razorfish” released its annual (2009) Brand Experience Report called “FEED”. Traditionally this report focused almost exclusively on charting how consumer behavior adapts to advances in Internet technology and web services. This year however, the report also explores how consumers interact with brands online.

The report answers questions like - what does the future hold for brands when everything is just a click away? If consumers really are in control, what can we learn from their interaction with brands today? The goal is to offer a snapshot of relevant online consumers who have broadband, spent $150 online in the previous 6 months, visit community/social media sites regularly, and consume digital media.

Some interesting facts from the report: 25% of those surveyed followed a brand on Twitter, and 40% are fans of brands on Facebook. The report provides rationale and reference to support the proof point that digital drives sales.

Read or Download the Report here.

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