Wednesday, 3 August 2011


For Shark Week, Discovery Communications has launched their new mobile app that allows fans to discuss the on-screen action via Facebook and Twitter - Lost Remote

Skincare brand NIVEA is using interactive video and augmented reality apps on their Facebook page to let fans "Co-Star with Rihanna" and share with friends - DMNews

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Foundation's 'Storyline Online' Program gets notable SAG Members (i.e. Betty White, James Earl Jones) to read children’s bedtime stories - Website and Facebook 

In honor of their 100-year anniversary, GM's CHEVROLET is encouraging fans to share stories of their favorite Chevy memories on Facebook - MediaPost

A part of SAMSUNG and INTEL''s 'Boosted' campaign - "Tweetcracker" is a Twitter-based code-cracking game (created by the Barbarian Group.) Users attempt to crack a 10-digit safe code (up to three times a day) using the hashtag #tweetcracker to win $10,000 – Website 

RED LOBSTER is bringing their story to Facebook and YouTube with unscripted, real videos of the fisherman, workers, and customers behind the restaurant - New York Times

Procter & Gamble's OLD SPICE brand is firing up again with a video popularity battle between the infamous "Old Spice Guy" and Italian stud, Fabio.  Please put us out of our misery - YouTube

COCA-COLA's 'FaceLook' Experience - This clever Coke "Facelook" kiosk utilizes Facebook and facial recognition to amplify summer events – Video

ESPN's new upgraded video player allows fans to share video clips on Facebook and Twitter from within the video - Sports Video Group

WHOLE FOODS is teaming up with upstart natural meals brand Saffron Road to connect with Muslims on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs during Ramadan - ClickZ

JELL-O'S "Pudding Face" billboard in New York City is reflecting the world's online mood by monitoring the number of smiley and frown emoticons posted to Twitter - Adweek

IBIZA RFID-Facebook Integration Experience - To digitally amplify the experience - the Ushuaïa Beach Hotel in Ibiza set up numerous RFID points that activate different rewards - some are simply hotel area based status updates, while others auto-post photos taken in real-time with each RFID wristband swipe from the events - Video

The Nike+ equivalent for swimmers, Speedo has launched the "Speedo Pace Club" where fans and athletes alike can watch training videos, track their workouts, earn achievement badges, and connect with each other on Facebook and Twitter – Video +  Market Watch

The MLB's 'Always Epic' Campaign (aka the current ‘DQ’ shtick as applied to Baseball) uses San Francisco Giants' Pitcher Brian Wilson's beard for plot-points – Website

Kraft "Smile Tagging" Promotion - Ever wonder what makes your friends smile online? "Smile Tagging" is a (first of it's kind) Bookmarklet + Facebook app designed (by Crispin Porter + Bogusky) to share your smiles – Video

Product Placement Tactics Online - Product Placement tactics help optimize conversions online. Read more to understand how consumer perception and product placement can alter the user experience – Article

Japanese clothes retailer Uniqlo’s 2010 "Lucky Counter" promotion amplified brand activities on Twitter by reducing the price of clothing pieces every time someone uses the hashtag #luckycounter – Overview

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