Monday, 19 September 2011

About Goodbuzz and Andrew Giles

ABOUT the author
The primary author is Andrew Giles, Social Anthropologist, Polymath, Technologist, Creative Insurgent, Author and Founder of Goodbuzz Inc. Andrew works across all client teams at the agency, helping both brands and employees alike navigate the world of digital, social and emerging media. He holds multiple degrees and certificates, is frequently published in industry and trade publications, and also speaks at conferences and events. 

For almost twenty years Andrew has worked with iconic people and brands such as the PGA’s 2010 Rookie of the YearRickie Fowler, author Martin Lindstrom - Time Magazine’s 2009 Top 100 Most Influential people, Canada's Swiss Chalet brand, Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), the Screen Actor’s Guild, Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), Hillary Clinton,, Molson, Coors Light, Heineken, Creemore, Rickards, Awkward Family Photos, Edelman/ Zeno Group, and a number of notable others (see image below). Don't tell anyone but he even wrote the original content strategy for (while at Razorfish) and  

Prior to Goodbuzz, Andrew was Sr. Content Strategist at Razorfish (NYC), the Dir. of Interactive at Cossette (Vancouver), Dir. of Digital Strategy at Publicis (Toronto) and notably the youngest Management Supervisor in the history of Grey Worldwide (NY+ SF). 

Andrew fundamentally believes that brands can create and curate culture, and connect to people in ways that create value for both.  

The original and continued intent of this blog is to showcase the ideas, trends, and technologies behind the world's most innovative social, emerging, and participatory marketing.   

About Goodbuzz Inc.
Goodbuzz is a digital collective - pioneers of the modern advertising paradigm - part advertising, part PR, and part emerging technology.  We are a group of entities that share and are motivated by a common interest, paradigm and belief.  Our focus has always been the work, the people who create it, and the people we create it for.

We are a community of artists, strategists and technologists, bound together in a quest to engage and inspire consumers.  Our collective goal is to prototype the future - linking the digital and physical worlds by developing 'branded utility' and moving away from interruptive 'push' models towards more meaningful ways of connecting. Ultimately, we're less about crafting moments and more about crafting movements.  As we’ve repeatedly proven, Goodbuzz inject new life into any brand by creating participatory trans-media (i.e. media agnostic) brand experiences that entice consumers to play, create, and share.