Saturday, 1 October 2011


Estee Lauder has turned their YouTube channel into a social beauty school with video clips of cosmetic how-to’s, behind-the-scene’s looks, skin demos, and more - YouTube

HP Labs, shares how they are using social media research to predict sales weeks before a product is released - Social Media Examiner

Think you've got what it takes to be the Ultimate Displaced Fan? DIRECTV is calling all football fans to submit videos, photos, and essays on Twitter and Facebook to prove their worthiness - Business Wire

Trident® Chewing Gum (Brazil) ‘wired’ up a phone booth that records users antics (at a Rock festival) and uploads them to the brands YouTube Channel.

The CMO Club™ (Toronto) Event - Thursday, 13 October 2011 at 18:00 - Level5 Office, 18 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5C1C4 - more Info.

SAP discusses how eight years of experience has matured their social media program - Vimeo

Innocent's 'Tweet and eat' Twitter Promotion - Aiming to generate some #goodbuzz - for a four week period, the more tweets Innocent gets with the hashtag #tweetandeat, the bigger the discount it will offer – Website

If approximately 86% of people (who use mobile Internet) use their phones while watching TV - it stems to reason that savvy brands would capitalize upon this trend. The best example we've seen to date? AKQA's Heineken 'Star Player' App – Video

Nokia's Serendipitous FourSquare-powered 'Gift Machine' - Here is a nice interactive installation from Nokia, playing on their ever increasing “Random Acts of Kindness” vision that allows anyone to simply check-in to one of the vending machines via Foursquare to release some sort of surprise – Video

How does your target audience engage your brand technologically? Find out using Forrester’s profiling tool.

Budweiser created a weather-driven app (Tribal DDB London) that gave Irish users a free pint when the outdoor temperature reached 20°C. There’s also a €2 discount when the outdoor temperature exceeds 18°C, and €1-off when it hits 16°C –Video

Unilever's Dove brand is showcasing young female DJs in their new campaign that gets fans involved through Twitter photo contests and real-time chat parties, interactive music games, and sharable music mixes on Facebook - The New York Times

Skoda left clues in its TV idents on Channel 5 every week and participants had to solve each week’s puzzle and enter the answer on Skoda’s YouTube channel to progress to the next stage of the mystery trail – YouTube Channel.

Orange's Glastonbury 2011 App- Providing a textbook lesson in how to create branded utility, Orange - France Télécom produced the official mobile app for this year’s Glastonbury (UK) Festival. A GPS-enabled map also included toilets, bars, and on-site ‘chill ‘n’ charge’ areas - Website

The Facebook Friend Audit - Of all your 'friends' on Facebook, how many of them actually engage your content? The Facebook Friend Audit (from BBH) signs on to your account and uses the Facebook API to go through your last 300 wall posts to compare the friends who have "liked" them with the total number of friends you have – website.

KLM's 'Live Twitter Reply' Promotion - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has just launched their latest social media campaign. If you send a tweet to KLM anytime during the next ten-or-so hours you may be the lucky recipient of a ‘KLM Live Reply’ – Video

Olympus Partners with JetBlue to Kick off 'The PEN Ready' Project - Olympus (via Mullen) also engaged in social influence marketing by giving 100 influential bloggers a PEN E-PM1 to use on their own blog – Video

Ben & Jerry's is supporting Fair Trade initiatives in a big way by putting fans' unused tweet characters to good use - Promo Magazine

Virgin Mobile FreeFest's 'Echo Temple' - Equal parts Kinect hack and experiential bliss - Virgin's 'Echo Temple' installation (by Mother NY) promotes innovation by allowing users to play virtual musical instruments by moving their body in front of motion-tracking cameras – Video
Imagine if you could wreak havoc on your office building or home with a giant robot?  State Farm’s ‘Chaos in Your Town’ cleverly uses Google Street View for the background scenes to create a customized blockbuster film featuring the address of your choice being blown to smithereens – Website

The Swedish Post's 'Safest Hands' Competition - Åkestam Holst's incredible body of work for the Swedish Post ( never ceases to amaze. Here's their latest magic - an app ( that asks players to virtually "deliver" parcels – Video

Twelve Great MS Kinect Hacks

Traffic is never fun, but Audi's new "Road Frustration Index" helps lessen the pain with a real-time report on road conditions using Twitter sentiment - Simply Zesty

Nike's video play on "Back to the Future" landed them at the top of viral video charts last week with five million + views - Ad Age

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