Thursday, 12 May 2011

Berghs School and the Swedish Creative Invasion

Berghs School of Communication is an impressive ad school located in central Stockholm, Sweden. Every year about 3000 people study at Berghs, either in Sweden or abroad and an additional 3000 guests attend their inspirational seminars.  We are highlighting Berghs School to evidence the award-winning work being delivered from our Swedish counterparts. 

Here are some notable examples:
“Don't Tell Ashton”
Berghs students (2010) had a mission: to expose their class to the world. Their solution: ‘Don’t Tell Ashton’.  What started with 140 characters on Twitter reached over 4 million people in 151 different countries in just three days.  Check out the website.

We have witnessed the emergence of brands developing and extending services (branded utility) that contribute to something more meaningful (instead of simply advertising). “Swipe for Million Trees NYC” is an excellent example.   It’s also a campaign that won a Gold Pencil (at the ONE Show) for Non-traditional campaign: One Show College.  

The Brief was to create a campaign that supports Million Trees NYCs’ mission to empower New Yorkers to plant and care for 1 million trees through the city before 2017, while at the same time modernizing their image and helping them reach their desired demographic.

Million Trees NYC
Swipe for Million Trees NYC

Bring Change - Here’s another Future Lions 2010 Winner from Berghs School Of Communication students focused on social change and operational efficiency. 

Bring — Change

iSense - a screen cover concept for the iPad that translates display content into Braille.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Using Biometrics to clean up the worlds oceans.

Just add water - Interactive Institute

Coca-Cola spreads happiness 

Dance for joy!

Red Cross ‘Round Up’

Red Cross — Round Up

Future Lions 2010 Winner - Absolut Vodka’s ‘The Absolut’

Absolut Vodka — The Absolut

Future Lions 2010 Finalist - Beyond Retro ‘The Pocket Store’

Beyond Retro — The Pocket Store

Winner of Brand‐X 2009 - Water Aid ‘The Toilet Adopter’

Water Aid — The Toilet Adopter

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


“Your Life in Sony 3D” Social Media Contest - submit your event, get your friends to vote, and get ready for the big time -because Sony Electronics wants to professionally capture your big summer 2011 event in 3D – then broadcast it to the nation – Website 

Dateline NBC is integrating Twitter and Facebook into their news broadcasts to allow viewers and story subjects to engage in conversation.  - LostRemote 

Lady Gaga + Farmville = New World Order for Virtual Goods. It’s a first on both sides: the first time Lady Gaga has released music in this fashion; it is the first time Zynga is partnering with an artist to offer exclusive virtual items (across as many as 10 games) – Article 

Branded YouTube Channels That Get it Right – Article 

Sony’s cool Facebook app called ‘Media Monster Wars’ featuring Justin Timberlake is a well-integrated collaborative social game that utilizes the content on your FB wall to power your monster – Video 

Death Penalty - 'Take A Stand' Digital Installation - Ultrasonic sensors, weight plates, and QR-codes - we love this impressive marriage of technology and creativity to amplify this experience – Overview 

Brands like McDonald's and Microsoft's Bing are using social games to turn their products into experiences that truly matter to customers.  - ViralBlog 

Design agency Tha Ltd. have developed Framed*  - a ‘platform for new art forms’ which lets users display digital art including interactive art, web applications, motion graphics and illustrations on giant screens. The app controls the display, allowing you to select from a range of artworks in the Framed* store which artists can upload their work to - Video

Converse 'Smart Shoes' - Converse’s RFID-based smart shoes integrate with social media and take your sneaker experience to a whole new level – Video 

Deutsche Telekom’s life-sized ‘Angry Birds’ live game lets passersby swipe their smartphones and hurl a giant bubble-shaped bird using a huge catapult - More

Kraft Foods' Jell-O brand is launching a "Mood Monitor" on Twitter that will randomly send coupons to users found tweeting ":(" to help cheer up their day.  - Advertising Age 

The Science of ReTweets - Ever wonder why ReTweets Matter or which words and phrases are the most ReTweetable? Check out Dan Zarrella’s 'The Science of ReTweets' – Study 

Russian Standard Vodka’s ‘Russian Facebook Roulette’ (by Miami Ad School students Ilya Malyanov and Christian Feist) lets you play for your FB life using your FB profile. Other then the fact it violates FB's TOS, it’s a viral, collaborative, and has great mechanics – Video 

The Clorox Company is offering Facebook credits in exchange for views of their video ad spots.  - ClickZ 

Healthline Networks and GE are teaming up to offer an interactive search tool that explores the human anatomy. Consumers can use various social media tools to share the content with friends online.  - BodyMaps 

Dogs are man's best friend. True. But they also have a dark side: dog poo. Every big city knows this problem: Walking through the streets sometimes feels like walking through a minefield. So, how to raise awareness about all the dog crap on your cities street? Poo-Lotto make a game of it – Video 

Express has launched a commerce tab on their Facebook page that enables fans to browse and make purchases without leaving the social network.  - DMNews 

For the first time ever, 5 Gum let's you create your own 3D Projection Mapping Experience and have it projected live on a real building – Website

KLM's "Delft Blue" Facebook Promotion lets you customize your own Delft blue tile (a big part of Dutch tradition) by giving your FB profile picture the 'Delft blue' treatment. Add an inspirational saying and share it with friends on FB – Video 
Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron are among the top 50 Fortune 500 brands ranked by CNN Money as social media champs for their consumer engagement via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  - CNN Money 

The Goodbuzz Social Media Planning OverviewSummary 

This impressive Zugara Social Shopping app uses your web cam, detecting where you’re standing in a room and adjusting the position of the overlain clothing appropriately (using Augmented Reality (AR) and Motion Capture) – Video 

At the root of Social Influence Marketing (SIM) is how peer influences work and the fact that peer influence is having a greater affect on brand affinity and purchasing decisions than any traditional form of marketing.  Here a SIM Cheat Sheet to ensure your social brand is optimized - Overview 

Tupperware Brands Corporation is increasing its presence on Twitter and Facebook with the new campaign, "Chain of Confidence." The social networking sites will offer fans blog posts, articles, video clips, and inspirational quotes to help boost confidence levels.  - New York Times 

American Apparel's 'WeatherForecast' App uses your local weather forecast to suggest what to wear each day (based upon geo-location and time of the year i.e. by season). Clicking on any suggested garment takes you directly to the online store to purchase - Video 

‘Collaboration is the New Competition’ – A new mantra by Alex BoguskyOverview 

Volkswagon, Papa John's, and Google top the list of promoted tweeters by being authentic, using links, and launching new products.  - Advertising Age 

The Lynx Stream Mobile App - Unilever's Lynx Stream (by Razorfish) seeks to bring all the media content emitted by a group out on the town together in one handy timeline for the revelers to keep for posterity.   Now you’ll have more than that rash to remind you – Video