Wednesday, 27 July 2011


American Eagle Outfitters is asking fans to submit their best photos of themselves wearing AE denim on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to be the retailer's next model. -

Volkswagen’s Virtual Cabriolet Augmented Reality (AR) App - How do you amplify activities and peak interest in a Volkswagen that isn’t available yet? Having Total Immersion develop an extremely detailed virtual Augmented Reality (AR) version that users can play with on their mobile and iPad is definitely a great start – More

This clever Royal New Zealand Airforce “Real World” YouTube Experience lets you pilot an NH90 helicopter over rural New Zealand –More 

Applebee's discuss how Facebook Places could expand the "local social" marketing space for large chains. -  Nation's Restaurant News

The modern YouTube iteration of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (created out of Ogilvy and B-Reel) –here’s Wonka’s Golden Ticket on YouTube.

ATG's Multi-Player Horse Racing Game (by Swedish rock-stars Ã…kestam Holst) engages a new (and younger) audience connecting up to five other players in real-time and race against each other – Video

Toyota - Imagine a mobile game/app that makes riding in a Toyota extra fun for kids - by letting them in on the driving action!? "Backseat Driver" (by agency 'Party') utilizes the iPhone's GPS to create a fantasy driving route for kids that mirrors what's happening on the actual road - scoring points by picking up objects encountered along the way- More

American Express's newest application -- Link, Like, Love -- is offering customers discounts for relevant Facebook likes and check-ins. -  Forbes

Intel and Toshiba's latest effort is a "social film experience" directed by D.J. Caruso, starring Emmy Rossum and YOU  - Website

CITROEN DS4 Seekers 'Hide and Seek' Campaign - This social, mobile, and geo-locational mash-up (by OMD UK) immediately reminds us of MINI’s Getaway Campaign ( - except in this case - YOU hide the car. Every time you find a hidden DS4 you’re entered to win the car – Video

HUGO BOSS TV lets users control this interactive film through simple head movements (picked up via their webcam and real-time head-tracking technology). Each movement integrates new layers of colour and motion into the film for a dynamic experience – YouTube

Find out how Gap is basing their digital efforts on three themes -- discovery, engagement, and advocacy -  MediaPost

K-SWISS' MFCEO Kenny Powers champion athlete and shoe endorser, completes a hostile takeover of K-Swiss – Video

Subway is teaming up with MTV to feature new artists on their Facebook page with music videos, interviews, promos, and live streaming concerts. -  ClickZ

Stolichnaya Vodka is sponsoring a regional battle of the bands contest in which fans can listen to and vote for their favorite music on Stoli's Facebook page. -  Popsop

Swarovski Crystal has created their first interactive Facebook campaign to promote their new Hello Kitty line of products. -  Ragmag

These 'TOP TEN BRAND ACTIVATORS' (by Buyology Inc) are the result of six years and eight million dollars in global research to define the deep conscious and subconscious drivers of the relationship between consumers and brands - Overview

GMC and Buick are letting fans virtually customize their own cars on Facebook to share and compare with friends. -  Market Watch

REI is decentralizing their Twitter approach and assigning new handles to 53 local markets to better appeal to their customers' needs. - Ad Age

The U.S. Navy shares how they approached several recent, high profile episodes where public debate manifested itself on Navy social media properties. - Vimeo

To support the launch of Transformers 3, a social ‘advergame’ called “Web Wars” was created (by Creative Partnership) that turns the entire web into your personal battlefield. The clever app let’s you challenge Facebook friends, unlock new weapons, features and badges while you climb the global leader board - Site

VW Canada – Drive until ________ - Facebook fans are being rallied to help decide on the script, cast, and music for Volkswagen (Canada's) next TV commercial – More

This AR experience uses Xbox Kinect to map the video data - then uses the String Augmented Reality SDK to display (what looks and feels like) 3D video (activated by a QR code.) – More

If you (like us) didn’t get to CANNES in 2011, don’t worry, Jesse Desjardins has created these two great presentations highlighting the best slides and points from the entire CANNES LIONS advertising festival, with the first already racking up about 120,000 views – More  - Also from Cannes, here’s the Top 100 Presentation Points.

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