Thursday, 7 May 2015


The Internet’s dominant role in our lives means that it has become more than just an optional enhancement to the existing plans of effective marketing campaigns. Online branding and marketing strategies are now mandatory for the exposure and success of any organization (and it’s media-agnostic, multi-channel and rather complex.)  

It’s therefore more important than ever to understand the possibilities and limitations of digital media, and how to best employ sound marketing fundamentals in this rapidly changing technological landscape.

Consider the digital disruption that has transformed information economics—and are challenging traditional notions of economies of scale.  Digital disruption is not a new phenomenon. But the opportunities and risks it presents shift over time. Competitive advantage flows to the businesses that see and act on those shifts first.  

Imagine the considerable amount of data all linked by fixed and mobile communication networks and managed by layers of modular, interoperable software. Software is replacing hardware, rapidly accelerating the speed of innovation: the life cycle of many products and services (previously defined by physical obsolescence) is shrinking from decades to just days between software updates.

Information is also comprehended and applied through fundamentally new methods of artificial intelligence today that seek insights through algorithms using massive, noisy data sets.  Things are clearly getting more and more complicated and conventional business models may be simultaneously too big and too small.

So where to start?  At the highest level, company’s and brands both need a trusted, strategic partner who can assist in navigating these complex waters.  This is easily seen when looking at the multiple, potential paths that can be taken to achieve the same ends. Whether it’s mobile technology, interactive television, email campaigns, inbound, pay-per-click advertising, or social media at large - today’s businesses utilize a wide array of outlets in their marketing campaigns. 

What sets successful marketers apart however is the ability to create a cohesive and complementary strategy that utilizes this variety of complimentary elements effectively.  Goodbuzz can definitely help.

Beyond strategy, the data-driven nature of the Internet can instantly link your company with millions of potential consumers, and it can also provide an invaluable amount of information about the strength and success of your digital marketing campaigns. But in order to be able to draw such conclusions, you need to have a partner who understands how to interpret and respond to these results. Goodbuzz can definitely help.

One of the most primary and important aspects of marketing online today is making sure that your product, service, or brand message is easy for the public to find. The best way to achieve that on the web is through effective search engine optimization (SEO). It’s not only about maximizing the power of organic search methods, directory listings, and paid placement tactics, but also having an optimized website that’s both user and search-engine friendly. Goodbuzz can definitely help.  

Goodbuzz create compelling user experiences from concept through implementation, melding user needs, business objectives and technical constraints into a cohesive digital offering for numerous Fortune 500 brands. We fundamentally believe that the best way to predict the future is to prototype it.  Please let us know how we can help.   

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Goodbuzz is a digital agency based in Toronto, Canada.  We help brands create and capture value from emerging trends in technology, society and the workplace. We prototype the future and believe the best way to predict it - is to create it.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.