Monday, 7 June 2010


“The next stage of brand advertising is going to be in the realm of 'branded utility, creating something that people need.  For the same budget and energy as we expend on current forms of advertising, we could be making something more tangible, useful, relevant, and reusable that plays a more integral part in the consumer's life”.  Benjamin Palmer

What does your brand extend user’s that makes their lives easier?  Wasn’t that the promise of technology?   Savvy brands today recognize the power of Branded Utility - giving people something they actually need without demanding an immediate return. Think:  Any gadget, widget, app, or gizmo that extends real, tangible, value (and seamlessly integrates into existing platforms).

The underlying principle of good advertising is interaction, so start by identifying the unique characteristics and advantages of your brand.  Then place your brand (as the chief protagonist) in a storyline, game, or event that allows it to emerge as the hero (and helper).   A participatory vehicle that makes your brand more relevant, entertaining, and participatory for users.  Above all - useful. 

Nike+ platform is a phenomenal example.  It integrates iPod, iTunes and Nike sensors to provide detailed (individual or collaborative) training and workout information and online community to further motivate.  Moreover, Nike sponsors and encourages users to organize weekend events in their local. This approach puts brands into the centre of people’s lives, at an appropriate moment, earning those brands attention and engagement.

This is all part of a larger paradigm shift in how brands engage consumers. Brands are less willing to pay media owners for the right to interrupt the audience that the media owner has aggregated. They know that with the right content and the right approach they can create their own audience – where quality is much more important than quantity.

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Goodbuzz™ creates social media campaigns that entice consumers to play, create, and share brand experiences. We focus on developing "branded utility" - moving away from interruptive 'push' models towards more meaningful ways of connecting.  From simple metrics to actionable insights that enable data-driven marketing decisions - Goodbuzz™ links social media efforts to business outcomes.