Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Breaking Bad's - "Walt’s Warning" Interactive Experience

To promote the popular “Breaking Bad” TV show, Sony Pictures Television & AMC launched a new "Walt’s Warning" Interactive Experience website.  It's a great concept, well produced, and extends a dynamic, immersive experience. 

“Walt's Warning,” is a first-person customizable viral experience featuring “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston that lets viewers choose their own adventure as they interact with Cranston's desperate science teacher-turned-meth peddler.  It starts with a (first person) full video where YOU are taken hostage in Walt’s old Winnebago (complete with his chemical lab).

Breaking Bad, for those who don't know) is a drama about a high school chemistry teacher who's suffering from the world's worst case of mid-life crisis and becomes a criminal (a crystal meth dealer.)  The website has a "choose your own adventure" feel and lets you navigate and interact with the video - and completely customize your experience.  Once completed users can embed, share and post it to Facebook.
Check out the site here.

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