Sunday, 12 September 2010

Samsung’s "Shakedown" - Experiential Online Campaign (Sweden)

It’s a real challenge sometimes to come up with new, innovative ways to showcase products.   Especially in ways that reinforce the product attributes while extending entertainment and engagement.  Samsung (Sweden) had this task, but with their B2100 model.

Samsung’s B2100 mobile phones are both water resistant and built for durability.   Apparently the pack mule of the Samsung fleet, the B2100 seems to accept the premise that while “it may not be beautiful, it definitely works” (even if it takes a beating).

Samsung showcases this premise in it’s simplest form via a new campaign website (in Sweden) where users can win a free B2100.  There are multiple live video cameras filming an elevated surface scattered with mobile phones.  The premise is simple; seventy B2100’s mobiles with vibrate-mode enabled are placed on an elevated surface. If the phone rings, the vibration will naturally make the phone move across the surface.  Users therefore call the corresponding number (on the B2100 mobile) they are attempting to make fall off onto the elevated surface.  There were also strategically placed aquariums to avoid, but if the mobile falls on the concrete floor on the floor the caller won the phone.

This is a fun, innovative and immersive way for users to interact with a brand.  The Facebook integration minimally allowed users to extend to peers.  Just as an aside, a custom application for Facebook here could have really amplified the social activity, however we’re assuming this was all done on a minimal budget, so commend Samsung for the ingenuity.  It’s also buzz worthy so has a high viral appeal both on and offline. 

Check out the Samsung B2100 website and tell us what you think. 

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