Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Staging a "Facebook Intervention"

Social media allows people to reinvent themselves, so it's no surprise it's a breeding ground for superficial behaviour.   Although everyone kind of knows that Facebook is all about presenting an ideal view of your world to genuine friends and assorted Facebook acquaintances, some people can go way too far.  The professional head shot, posing in an array of glamourous locations or clinically untagging embarrassing pictures.  

Continuing its 'Real' campaign to save mates from superficiality, the app, uses Facebook Connect to allow users to pick their mates' most offensive feature, from too much time spent in front of the mirror, pouting in their facebook photos, albums full of glamourous locations, or flashing too much flesh in photos.  

The app allows users to point out their friends' shortcomings by staging a "Facebook Intervention", and create a bespoke video to outline their lowlights. Over 5000 mates have survived the Facebook Intervention to date, and there are more apps from the campaign to follow.  Check out Droga5's latest at