Thursday, 12 May 2011

Berghs School and the Swedish Creative Invasion

Berghs School of Communication is an impressive ad school located in central Stockholm, Sweden. Every year about 3000 people study at Berghs, either in Sweden or abroad and an additional 3000 guests attend their inspirational seminars.  We are highlighting Berghs School to evidence the award-winning work being delivered from our Swedish counterparts. 

Here are some notable examples:
“Don't Tell Ashton”
Berghs students (2010) had a mission: to expose their class to the world. Their solution: ‘Don’t Tell Ashton’.  What started with 140 characters on Twitter reached over 4 million people in 151 different countries in just three days.  Check out the website.

We have witnessed the emergence of brands developing and extending services (branded utility) that contribute to something more meaningful (instead of simply advertising). “Swipe for Million Trees NYC” is an excellent example.   It’s also a campaign that won a Gold Pencil (at the ONE Show) for Non-traditional campaign: One Show College.  

The Brief was to create a campaign that supports Million Trees NYCs’ mission to empower New Yorkers to plant and care for 1 million trees through the city before 2017, while at the same time modernizing their image and helping them reach their desired demographic.

Million Trees NYC
Swipe for Million Trees NYC

Bring Change - Here’s another Future Lions 2010 Winner from Berghs School Of Communication students focused on social change and operational efficiency. 

Bring — Change

iSense - a screen cover concept for the iPad that translates display content into Braille.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Using Biometrics to clean up the worlds oceans.

Just add water - Interactive Institute

Coca-Cola spreads happiness 

Dance for joy!

Red Cross ‘Round Up’

Red Cross — Round Up

Future Lions 2010 Winner - Absolut Vodka’s ‘The Absolut’

Absolut Vodka — The Absolut

Future Lions 2010 Finalist - Beyond Retro ‘The Pocket Store’

Beyond Retro — The Pocket Store

Winner of Brand‐X 2009 - Water Aid ‘The Toilet Adopter’

Water Aid — The Toilet Adopter