Friday, 21 October 2011


The Mayo Clinic set up a video booth to record their patients, staff and volunteers' favourite moment, story, or memory of the center and published them as a three-part video series on YouTube - Mayo Clinic

In addition to "fan appreciation day" (where 1,000 fans were invited to attend a private screening) USA Network is engaging fans with a new meme and Tumblr blog to promote their comedy/drama "Psych." - ClickZ

Pedigree focuses on saving abandoned dogs from their 'Last Walk' by urging users (via website - to take a dog for a virtual walk around the Internet (and Pedigree will donate £1 to the adoption drive.) -Brand Republic

If you use trending hashtag's to amplify your tweets - you'll appreciate this free tool. TRENDSMAP extends real-time twitter trends from anywhere in the world – 

U.S. GOVERNMENT agencies National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Centers for Disease Control, Unites States Geological Survey, and NASA are now using YouTube to get their message across to the public - Mashable

Pepsis co-viewing (aka social TV) platform ‘Pulse’ is designed to get the most out of their "X-factor" sponsorship by extending viewers a way to interact with each other and the show – Overview  - A corresponding Pepsi 'Sound Off' platform (modeled after Twitter) is a place for fans to connect during shows and incorporates a gaming mechanism.

WALMART is using a new Facebook application that localizes marketing for each of their stores to give customers more relevant communications about deals, events, and products -Ad Age

We love campaigns that integrate real-world social (api) data to enhance the user experience (i.e. Intel's 'Museum of Me' and Toyota's "Your Other You"). Take This Lollipop' is a PSA for internet privacy however that takes the concept to a whole new level – Website

VOLKSWAGEN (Canada) "Art Heist" UGC campaign has fans who participated and "stole" the paintings sharing their story on Facebook and Twitter under the #VWArtHeist hashtag - PSFK

Luxury brands BERGDORF GOODMAN, GUCCI, MERCEDES-BENZ, JIMMY CHOO, and more are connecting with fans in new ways on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and blogs -Luxury Daily

If weather is all one cares about, Virgin’s app lets you specify the exact type of weather you want on vacation and maximum budget – and the app serendipitously suggests your travel destination to ensure the perfect weather. Simple. Branded Utility courtesy of the ever impressive Miami Ad SchoolCase Study (embedded below).

REI discuss how they utilize social media sites for each REI store to develop a better local connection with their customers - Vimeo

Through We Are Social (London) the HEINZ "Get Well Soup" campaign lets Facebook users select a flavour and enter the name of their sick friend. They can then send the can of soup, with the usual Heinz label altered with a message saying 'Get well soon Bob' (the service costs £1.99). Bob will receive his soup in three to four working days – Article + Simply Zesty

Increasingly consumers seem to be defining themselves by what and whom they associate with. Brands therefore represent an integral part of people’s identity by association. Scion ART is a successful foray into creating such a movement – Case Study

Toyota's 'Social Network Racer' (by agency Party, Tokyo) is touted as the first social racing game (that transforms Facebook into a 3D race course). The app pulls in info like Facebook photos and friend updates to create the surrounding environment, including billboards, tunnels and other signage – Facebook App

Walkers is using augmented reality (AR) (via Blippar) on its potato chip’s (‘crisps’) packets to give its customers access to real-time weather forecasts. One might argue that brands should look to extend branded utility that reinforces its brand attributes (as opposed to ‘soft’ association like whether consumers should eat their crisps indoors or risk going out.) – Article 
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