Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Announcing the Goodbuzz™ Newswire Service

Optimized for social-media enabled distribution platforms, the Goodbuzz™ e-PR Newswire Service enables press releases to be a key part of a company’s marketing, visibility, public relations and search engine optimization strategies.

Goodbuzz™ sends press releases directly to the media and premium online locations all over the Internet where interested readers can easily find it.  In addition, a direct-to-consumer distribution platform provides the tools to optimize your releases to make them easy to find by interested people and to rank higher in search engine results.

Goodbuzz™ helps brands socialize in ways that increase their relevance and value in the eyes of their consumers. We ensure a credible social voice is extended online and consumers sense a symmetrical relationship. In this new online world — actions speak louder than advertising— and the relationship between influencers and brand affinity become paramount.  This is where we come in. ;)

For more information on Goodbuzz™ e-PR, please contact: