Thursday, 4 February 2010


Social media differentiates itself from other media by being both actionable and participatory.  It simultaneously allows brands an opportunity to listen, collaborate, communicate, educate, and entertain. While any given creative, campaign, or promotion may have a limited lifecycle---social media is ongoing.  

It is also the only consistent variable across all media platforms and initiatives from year to year building a constituency while extending a sense of community, belonging and identification.  More important is that it evidences to the world an interest in corporate transparency and accountability. 

As Marketers, to appropriately support these objectives, we should therefore look to:
  1. Support, extend and amplify all ongoing campaigns, promotions and brand activities using social tools,
  2. Build and foster ongoing (long-term) brand communities.

 Looking to get started?  Feel free to use our Process Model as a framework.  
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