Saturday, 17 July 2010

"Ask a Designer" - David Thorne Anthology

The following is hilarious e-mail correspondence between a Designer named David Thorne (Australian humourist, satirist, Internet personality and author) and the world he engages.  His website is a collection of various humorous stories and accounts from Thorne's own life. Much of Thorne's humour is autobiographical and self-deprecating, often concerning his immediate family and work associates.  Also quite possibly the funniest copy we’ve read in years.

                Missing Missy
                Simon's Pie Charts
                Party in Apartment 3
                Permission Slip
                Too Cool For School
                Overdue Account
                Shopping with Simon
                Strata Agreement
                I wish I Had a Monkey
                Grubby Tenant
                1000 Characters
                Flash Drive Infringement
                Love Letters from Dick
                Blockbuster Late Fees
                Web Genius
                Magic 8 Ball Wednesday
                Working Out With Jeff
                Investment Opportunity
                Sign & Print Here Please
                Roz Loves Adelaide
                Nigerian Sex Scam
                Twelve Coffee Cups
                Lifesize Lucius™
                Lesley the Lesbian
                Level 46 Dwarf
                Bill's Guide to the Internet
                Flight Commander
                Monarto Zoo
                St Kilda Mangroves
                Wilderness Survival
                Bees Like Yellow
                Will Draw for Food
                Mark's Pet Headlice
                Scanning Fine Art
                Sponsor a Black Boy
                New Hope for Thomas
                A Baby's Smile
                Dolphin Collectables
                iWank Pro
                Birthday Boy
                CCTV Installed in Foyer
                Hello, I'm Lucius
                Blanket of Security
                Thomas Brady
                Shannon Eats Lunch
                Photography Tips
                Kaleth the Adelaide Gothic
                John's Bicycle
                Lillians Mouse
                Tom the Sad Caveman
                A song I like
                Free Big Screen Plasma

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