Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Diesel's "Facepark" and the "Be Stupid" Campaign

As part of Diesel's "Be Stupid" campaign, the brand wanted to highlight the ridiculousness of wasting so much time on social networks and decided to get people to waste time in parks instead. This led to "Facepark", described as a "stupid idea that might save the world. But probably won't". The idea, devised by DDB Düsseldorf, was to bring the clichés of social media platforms back to the real world in a very literal way.

For one day, Diesel created an analogue version of Facebook, called Facepark - effectively a mini festival in a park in Berlin. The brand created cardboard cut out profiles, which users could frame their faces with, just like on the real social networks. They could fill in a box with their "status" and also write comments on the cardboard and some of their friends. People could become friends with others by attaching their name to a friend's cardboard profile. Cardboard stands complete with actors were created for fan groups or applications such as Farmville and Mafia Wars, which people could then comment upon using stickers. They could add "like" stickers to people, groups and comments.

Diesel also created giant foam hands with which to "poke" fellow Faceparkers as well as small Frisbees upon which people could write messages before throwing to a friend. Bands including the Hotlaing, Bodi Bill and Holden Caulfield, provided the entertainment.

The campaign was supported by a website, featuring the event details, a community section, and a range of viral videos. One people to create their "Ass Status", i.e. log into their Facebook account, put the cursor into the status bar and then sit on your keyboard before posting whatever random combination of letters appeared.

Diesel's Facepark also has an associated "Stupid is Analog" Facebook Page.  There's also a manual called "How to Facepark". 

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