Friday, 17 December 2010

The Gap’s Project Reindeer (by AKQA)

The perfect mix of creativity and emerging technology - The Gap’s Project Reindeer (by AKQA) equips 8 live reindeer with GPS, that participate in challenges over five days that users can vote on.  

Watch the PastureCam (updated every five minutes), Meet the Herd, or tweet a deal to win.

Whichever animal wins will trigger a unique in-store deal for the consumer. For example, Emma the reindeer won the "shortest distance contest" today, giving consumers 40% off their entire purchase if they say Emma40 at the register.

As the site says - 8 Reindeer / 8 Deals / 5 Days. Track the movements of our GPS-enabled reindeer as they decide our stylish in-store deals. Tweet to boost your favorite and check back daily to see which deal wins!  We think its great work.  Fun. On brand and the perfect mix of creativity and emerging technology.  What do you think?