Saturday, 11 December 2010

Lufthansa's Social 'Reindeer Game' Christmas Promotion

This year’s reindeer pre-Christmas promotion on has been designed in 11 languages for 68 markets.  
Lufthansa developed an addictive Farm Town-like strategic-oriented game where users help Santa find enough reindeers.   Once found however they need to be fed and cared for or else they wither (hence farm town).  
A happiness-index always shows the reindeers‘ shape.  There are different actions to keep the reindeers in good shape such as feeding with fir cones, i.e. using special items on the website that are linked to Lufthansa newsletter and Lufthansa WorldShop. 

First prize is an intercontinental flight for 2 people. Apart from that the game offers various prize levels, so that as many as possible participants win an attractive prize.

This annual promotion is hugely successful, increases newsletter subscriptions as well as amplifies and activates Lufthansa‘s social networks.   Accompanying media includes Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.   Impressive work all around.  What do you think?