Friday, 26 November 2010


The holiday tradition of donating to The Salvation Army kettles is spreading to social networking sites. This year people can create their own kettles online, add kettles to Facebook Places, and tweet about their donations using the #fillthekettle Twitter hastag. -  Fill the Kettle

Czech Republic automaker Skoda is awarding cars to Facebook users based on the level of their mean and sweet online activity. -  Ad Age

Fans of Hasbro's Nerf brand get the chance to have their user-generated ad broadcast over national TV in Nerf's "Battle of the Ads" online contest. -  Promo Magazine

Disney is teaming up with Gowalla to provide visitors a new way to explore the parks through virtual check-ins at each of the rides. -  CNN

Volkswagen, Porsche, and Chevrolet all used social media in big ways during this year's L.A. Auto Show. -  L.A. Times

Forrester announced the winners of its 2010 Groundswell Awards including Godiva, Secret, Kotex, TurboTax, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and USAA. -  Forrester

As a part of Foursquare's new rewards platform, PepsiCo is partnering with Safeway to offer fans snacks and beverages based on their Foursquare behavior. -  Fast Company

The Home Depot is selling out of products on their Facebook page by running weekly Facebook-exclusive deals for their fans. -  Facebook

Geico is mixing up their online content with their recent take on the "Three Stooges'" insurance options. -  BrandFreak

eBay's Christmas campaign is featuring a web series that shows kids' Christmas "freak outs" after opening their presents on Christmas morning. -  Tubefilter

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

ASICS 'Support your Marathoner' Promotion Amps NYC Marathon

The New York Marathon is the largest event of its kind in the world.  With nearly 50,000 participants and literally millions of fans cheering them on, you can see why associated brands must love the opportunity to showcase new experiential technologies. 

ASICS amplified this year’s event with some fairly basic technology and a load of hi-tech signage.  The campaign that allowed the participants friends and family to extend personalized ‘supporter’ messages to the runners along the race.

Participants ran the marathon with an embedded RFID tag that triggered massive LED screens to displaying the individual messages to the appropriate runner as they passed selected sensor checkpoints. It get’s better.  ASICS setup a campaign site dedicated to aggregating images, video, messages, texts, tweets and Facebook comments in support of runners in the event.  They even setup live video booths at the event, allowing participants friends and family to record their personal messages in style.  Great work.

For more on ASICS NYC Marathon Promotion view the video below.

Looking for other great examples of activating on-premise?  Check out Nike’s ChalkBot?  Or the Coca-Cola Villiage?