Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Fundraising 2.0 - Greenpeace International invites users to buy a piece of the new Rainbow Warrior (via new site by DDB° Paris). Is this the modern face of activism? – Website 

During the Oscars award show and pre-show ceremonies this past Sunday, ABC displayed the #oscars hashtag and generated over 36.4 million tweets. - 

Ford's C-Max Augmented Reality Poster - The first outdoor gesture-triggered AR campaign to use 3D depth imaging in the UK. Nice work by @GrandVisual- Video 
Calvin Klein is encouraging fans to upload videos and discuss the "ck one" fragrance on Facebook and Twitter as a part of their re-branding campaign. - Online Social Media 

Gillette’s World's Biggest Shave demonstrates precision grooming on a grand scale. Check out the world's largest 5 o'clock shadow on Major League Baseball's Derek Jeter - Video 

AXE’s first iAd shows how to sell product to horny teenage boys using branded content. The iAd links to the app, which lets you engage with the famous AXE angels by swiping, touching, shaking and turning them as you see fit! You’ll also get to download exclusive wallpapers - Video 

The new Virtual MINI App lets you view the bigger, four-door MINI Countryman in any real-world environment you want. Like your driveway for example - App 

Disney is launching Togetherville -- a social network for kids aged 10 and under -- that features careful monitoring of content and parental supervision controls. - CNBC

DDB's Global Strategy Director on the science of social creativity (i.e. One part Martin Lindstrom, two parts Sean MacPhedran) - Video

IBM is using the performance of their Watson machine on Jeopardy and the social media buzz that surrounded the event as an attention-getter for their next B2B campaign. - Social Media B2B 

Coca-Cola is featuring a "Where Will Happiness Strike Next?" hub on their Facebook and YouTube pages that provides a global locater for all twenty-five "Happiness Machine" videos and Facebook 

DDB (UK) Research on the growing and worrying disconnect between how people actually think and are influenced by communications versus the existing and outmoded “research world” - Report

"We Dare" (by Ubisoft) is the modern (swinger) version of 'spin-the-bottle' for the Wii. Jury's still out on whether anyone will come over and play (fingers crossed) - Video

As a part of their "Activate the Future" social media program, BMW is creating buzz around their new electric car with a unique documentary series about the future of mobility. - MediaPost 

Neuroscience eliminates guessing whether creative works. Check out this fMRI (real-time) brain scan of subjects exposed to the Avatar trailers. To refine further add EEG and biometrics - Video 

In honor of the launch of their new AAdvantage-specific social media channels, American Airlines is giving away frequent-flier miles to fans who like their Facebook page - USA TODAY 

Paul Isakson, Senior Strategic Planner at Space150 on 'what's next in Advertising'? - Scribd 

UPS and Corona are getting an early start at March Madness promotions with NCAA-related contests and fundraisers on their Facebook pages - ClickZ 

Century 21's shares how they're managing several social media channels at once to reach out and connect with potential customers and industry professionals. - SmartBlog on Social Media   

Volkswagen's (Brazil) Twitter + Google Maps Campaign - Volkswagen hid (sold-out) concert tickets across Sao Paulo. The only way to find them was using Twitter and Google Maps. The catch was that Google maps remained at a blurred altitude and only zoomed in based upon the number of tweets - ultimately revealing the exact location of each ticket - Video 

Vodafone #ukhols Map: Twitter/Google Mashup allows the twitter sphere to tweet to #ukhols followed by their age, sex and postcode with the city (most tweets look like this #ukhols 24 M RG6 Cairo) to have the Vodafone site plot their next holiday from their current location - Website

A COMMON START - Alex Bogusky envisioned a community-driven system that embodies this new approach to capitalism. In 2011, he partnered with friends Rob Schuham (Action Marketing Group) and John Bielenberg (Project M) to launch COMMON, a collaborative network for rapidly prototyping social ventures under a unified brand - Video 

3D Projection Mapping - New Years 2011 in Sugarland, Texas. Equipment included a gramdMA lighting console, Barco HD projectors, Hippotizer HD media server and mapping system, and EV X-Line concert speakers –Video 

MENTOS launched a new social media campaign showcasing gum sculpting talents of seven artists from around the US - Article

MINI’s - Rocketman Concept - live action with 2d/3d animation, motion graphics, stock footage and visual effects - Video