Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Just in case you’re not tired of the term ‘pop-up’ store yet - Heinz has opened up a pop-up "tryvertising" Facebook store that gives fans of the brand exclusive first tastes of their new products.  We’re bored just typing this. -  Social Commerce Today

It’s not just a Burrito apparently. Chipotle is using Facebook to give away burrito coupons, collect fan-submitted photos for the "Wrap What You Love" contest, and to raise money for the nonprofit, -  ClickZ

Kleenex's "Softness Worth Sharing" campaign led to over one million sample boxes of tissue being shared through social networking.  Fans can continue to track online how their samples inspired others to join and begin sharing. Look for a co-branded campaign with Vaseline targeting teenage boys coming soon -  Ad Age

In related news, Jennifer Aniston Attempts To Make A 'Viral' Video for Glaceau’s SmartWater - a spoof on what makes a videos 'viral' today – Video

Spin is encouraging fans to check-in on Foursquare when they attend any of the magazine's "35 Must-Hear Acts" live concerts for a chance to win tickets to SXSW. It’s 2009 calling and they want their campaign back -  Spin

Breakout Kings clever idea by A&E Network builds buzz (using AR platform GoldRun) and hopefully viewers for its original scripted drama - via clues revealed in blogs, the show's Facebook page and a website - Article

Pink Ponies: A Case Study in Self-parody. This magic is by Angus Tucker and Stephen Jurisic – a.k.a. the ‘Depp and Grieco’ of Canadian Advertising ( Respect - Video

Volvo is one of the first brands to feature an AdKeeper button in their online ads that allows fans to keep and share ads through Facebook, Twitter, and email.  Does anyone really want to ‘keep’ an ad? -  MediaPost

'We Are The Future' (by PHD) apparently hires the extras from the Harry Potter movies to make Orwellian projections on what the media landscape could be like in ten years (based on what they are seeing now) - Video

Dunkin' Donuts is inviting fans to participate in one of their biggest Twitter giveaways ever by answering trivia questions each Tuesday for a chance to win $100 gift cards – making Dunkin Donuts actual demographic target user ask “WTF’s Twitter?”-  Behind the Beans

Proximity Marketing Redux - There are a number of options today to integrate the real world with the digital that can really enhance the customer experience – Goodbuzz Blog

McDonald's is hosting a "Social Fundraiser" to celebrate the launch of their new shakes. Notice they don’t use the term ‘Milk’ shakes. They're donating a dollar to the Ronald McDonald House Charities for every Foursquare check-in customers send them via Twitter.  Much as we like Ronald McDonald House Charities, we HATE Foursquare.  Just sayin’ -  PR Newswire

Warner Bros. is the first to digitally rent movies out to fans from Facebook starting with Batman.  Did someone say new revenue channel?  The Hollywood Reporter

Chuck Porter (CP+B) at Cannes on "How to Start a Creative Agency" – Video – Part 2 Video

Legends Lee Clow and Alex Bogusky at Google's Zeitgeist Forum on the evolution of Storytelling. - Video

To support the launch of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction (Ubisoft and Layar) created a clever (world first) AR game using the Layer iPhone platform - Video

2011 Mobile Web User Report featuring in-depth responses from almost 2,000 people in Germany and the UK - Video

Having a hard time explaining the elusive Social Media process to your clients? Maybe this infographic is a good starting point - Infographic

Proving that ANY content can be repurposed for pure comedic gold, we give you the Jamaican SlapChap and Randall’s National Geographic Honey Badger.