Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Corning's "A Day Made of Glass" video has become the most-watched corporate video of all time with over 8 million views on YouTube. When we imagined the future of digital displays, we were expecting holograms (or at least stuff we wouldn't bang into).  Just sayin’ - MediaPost 

Hot Wheels Secret Race Battle (by Muse Amsterdam) showcases groundbreaking 3D projection technology at Customs House in Sydney, Australia - Video 

MillerCoors' discuss how they teamed up with Bicardi to film a flash-mob in Vegas for their new YouTube promotion. - PROMO Magazine 

MIT Media Lab's Junkyard Jumbotron project, which allows laptops or phones in close proximity to be ganged together to form a large display - Video 

SXSWi - Pepsi's Shiv Singh on Geo-Social – The head of digital talks about Foursquare,  geo-social initiatives, and finding synergies between multiple platforms -Video 

Gap Invites Shoppers To Name Their Price and appears to have found a better way to engage deal-hungry consumers (without forfeiting 50% of post-sale profits to the likes of Groupon) - More 

The clever pre-launch campaign for the MINI COUNTRYMAN (by Profero UK) is experiential marketing bliss. Equal parts creative, technology and buzz – Video or Info 

Lufthansa's 'MySkyStatus' Campaign (by Profero NY) lets you send precise departure, altitude, location and arrival updates automatically to your Facebook and Twitter pages (while in the air) - Video 

'Guldlådan' - (Swedish Post's) largest DM Competition.  This clever campaign by Åkestam Holst (Stockholm) sent extremely personal mail to Swedish creatives to get them engaged - Video 

Paramount Pictures’ share their decision to first launch the new SUPER 8 movie trailer on Twitter and Facebook. - TechnologyQW 

Doritos Late Night presents Professor Green - an amazing interactive 360° video experience compliments of Doritos 'Late Night' - available in 2D or 3D - Video 

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Starbucks awarded lucky customers with $40 gift cards when they checked-in on Foursquare and unlocked a Tribute Badge. - OSM 

Sony Ericsson is turning the Miami Open into the first ever interactive Foursquare sporting event by letting fans who check-in and become the Mayor of a specific court toss the coin before each match. BrandRepublic

Honda is launching "Made in Britian" -- a social media campaign that encourages fans to share their crafting skills with others on Facebook for a chance to win a large grant. - Marketing Magazine 

The Lexus Dark Ride - CT200h Launch was the FWA’s People's Choice Award winner for 2010 (by Stink Digital) and features an awesome, immersive and interactive experience where you have to get the car to LA in one piece - Website 

A world first, Volkswagen (Norway) lets you "test-drive" a car on the road (in the print ad) by hovering your iPhone over it - Video 

With every Facebook Places check-in at select airport terminals, JetBlue Airways is giving fans special offers, TruBlue points, and exclusive badges. - Facebook 

Imagine getting your NHL Team's fans to monitor social media channels (for free)? The NHL's New Jersey Devils do just that using Twitter, Facebook And Blogs- More 

Saab is letting their Facebook fans create and star in their very own Saab web banners. - Scribbal 

Saving 'Papa Piñata's' Marriage Campaign (by Åkestam Holst (Stockholm) for Swedish Post) shows there's much more to post then letters. Like saving marriages - Video 

Nissan's Cube Augmented Reality (AR) Brochure (by Total Immersion) wows at the L.A. Auto Show - Video 

American Express is debuting a new interactive tool at SXSW that links customers' American Express cards to their Foursquare accounts to receive deals and offers from over 50 participating vendors. - MyBankTracker shares recommendations on how to stay safe and ethical in social media. - Vimeo 

Gran Turismo 5 clever Web Banner is the first web-banner ever to employ Google Street view into creative - Video 

The Lynx Angels impressive Augmented Reality (AR) Experience lets people at the airport interact directly with the Lynx angels via a digital video billboard – Video 

An index of the world’s most social brands by (London based) Social agency Headstream SOCIAL BRANDS 100 REPORT 

Diesel "Island" Campaign’s microsite showcases the island’s history, the national anthem, island street view, and an island community by lodging new laws, and voting out things you don’t want. To become a resident, simply log-in with Facebook - Website 

How do you demonstrate the value of a product innovation to those who don't own the product? Here's an impressive example by Jung von Matt Stockholm/Elbe for Mercedes - that lets drivers literally see through walls. - Video 

Here's some interesting statistics on our unholy obsession with Facebook - like the fact that 57% of us talk to people more online than we do in real life. What do you think? - Stats 

Nike Football's 'Team Edition' for iPad extends (free) training app gives Coaches the Drills, Video’s, Tips, and Benchmark Analysis tools to improve every aspect of their team’s game – APP 

Lipton Ice Tea's Positive Projects (Sydney) aims to spread a bit of green positivity into Australia's urban spaces. More info  or Video 

‘Stefan the Swopper’ Campaign (Swedish Post) -An utterly ridiculous Swedish campaign by Åkestam Holst- until you look at the numbers and ROI - Video 

A few years old now but the "How Hetero are You?" Campaign (for Swedish Pride) won a Webby Award and became the world's most shared link on Twitter- Video 

The Sleepless at 'Playground' Campaign tested just how long four hikers could stay awake? They even added incentives and biometrics and tracked them online - Video 

Google’s 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web – likely old-hat for many of you, however, it may be a great piece to share with selected clients - eBook 

Doritos (Canada) released an unnamed flavor and invited fans to guess the identity, and create their own advertisement for the new Doritos variant – More