Saturday, 8 October 2011


Shoppers and owners of the Ford Sync system are doing all the talking on the revamped website that features user-generated content and video testimonials -MediaPost

Beck's ‘Sobriety Test’ Mobile App lets you prove you are sober by inserting a key into a moving keyhole (you need to keep the key in for 25 seconds). If you cannot make it, then the application will automatically call a taxi that will come to pick you up and drive you home - Overview

In lieu of recent announcements, Blockbuster discusses how they are using Twitter to woo Netflix's unhappy customers -The Wall Street Journal

Charity 'Swearbox' Twitter App is a donation-based site that provides Twitter users with a way to rectify their bad language online. You can login with your Twitter details where the app will detect all of your recently tweeted swear words and suggest a donation related to your profanities – Overview

Stumped on what to be for Halloween this year? Target has a new Facebook application that lets your friends help you decide -Facebook

Heinz is building their brand's social loyalty by rewarding their fans on Facebook with coupons and bonus discounts for sharing with friends -Jamie B

LYNX's 'Auto-Romeo' App lets users answer a few questions about the ladies in your life (i.e. eye colour, hair colour, when you met, etc.) and the app will automatically send personalized messages that tend to your flock on your behalf - Overview

Baseball fans can still stay connected during the post-season through the MLB's Fan Cave. It's a central social media hub in New York City complete with live Twitter feeds, video content creation of existing players, interactive technology, and art to keep the spirit of the game alive -Forbes

Zurich Bank is connecting financial institution professionals online with the launch of their new social networking community, "Financial Risk Talk." - Zurich

NASA is hosting a series of Tweetups to give their hardcore social media fans the opportunity to meet with scientists, engineers, and astronauts at their facilities and public space launches -NASA

Boeing's photostream on Flickr is keeping fans from around the world up-to-date during the release of their new 787 airplane -Flickr

Warner Bros. is giving fans the chance to star in their new web series, "Aim High," using a personalized Facebook viewing application -Lost Remote

Microsoft shares how they leveraged both internal and external social media sites to better manage their vast customer network -Vimeo

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