Friday, 4 February 2011

♔ Using Chat Roulette to Increase HIV Awareness

Chat Roulette brings the risk element of its Russian namesake to the world of instant messaging. For the uninitiated, Chat Roulette is somewhere between Skype and StumbleUpon, the site pairs random strangers from around the world together for webcam-based conversations. Participants can choose to either chat to the person they have found themselves talking to or press next to be partnered with another random person, with most 'chats' lasting a few fleeting seconds. As could probably be predicted, the site has attracted a large number of exhibitionists and as such users can expect to be greeted with the sight of a penis with every 5-10 clicks.  

So far, a few brands have tried to take advantage of Chat Roulette as a marketing vehicle, including French Connection and Giffgaff. Now online condom store Condomerie has taken the initiative to create an HIV awareness campaign using Chat Roulette. The brand recruited a woman to sit semi-naked in front of a webcam and play Chat Roulette. Covering her breasts was a sign that was illegible when she was holding it close to her chest. Once she had got her fellow chatter's attention, she would move the sign closer to the webcam so that they could read the message "Bingo! You are now in touch with an HIV infected person. Don't play Russian roulette in real life", along with the URL 

Most of the men the women ended up chatting to are at first visibly turned on by the sight of the attractive woman, before taking a closer look to read the message.  This piece of guerilla marketing has been turned into a viral video (below) to encourage condom use.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Simon Sinek's brilliant TED Talk on brands and people who inspire -  

Audi, E-Trade, Budweiser, Teleflora, and Volkswagen are all centering their 2011 Super Bowl campaigns around social media. - Ad Age

The Girl Store (by Strawberry Frog) makes a powerful statement on behalf of Nanhi Kali, a project that provides primary education for underprivileged female children –

Intel's first mini web-movie, "Chase," has made it to the top of the viral video charts online. - Intel Newsroom

ABC is turning the Oscars into its own social network with interactive maps, behind-the-scenes video footage, user voting and sharing, and a live Twitter feed of the nominees' tweets during the show. - Fast Company

USA TODAY's Social Media Editor, Michelle Kessler, shares how social media is impacting gathering and reporting in the newsroom. - SocialMediaToday

Lipton's SXSW promotion is encouraging fans to tweet their Instagram self-portraits with hashtag #briskpic for a chance to be featured on the new Brisk cans. - CNET News

Sweden's North Kingdom’s marriage of creativity and technology – KarmaTech demonstrates what’s possible when you embed RFID tags in shoes -

Red Bull's BlueCasting Mobile Coupons Promotion at Point-of-Sale (by Toronto's iSign) –

Procter & Gamble is bringing back their Old Spice Man campaign and giving one "superfan" the opportunity to debut an ad on his or her own social networking profile before it airs on TV. - ClickZ

Dagens Industri (Newspaper) - Making the point that Social Media Activities Need to Reinforce the Brands Attributes -

Netflix is integrating Facebook to allow for split household accounts. This will let individual users share their personal viewing history and recommend videos to friends online. - All Things Digital

The UN’s ‘Voices’ Campaign lets you take a photo of the person's mouth on the print piece, text it to the number using your mobile and hear their story -

This Orange - France Télécom Twitter promotion (by POKE London) stopped by users homes to hand out hot chocolate and scarves -

TurboTax is taking over NBC commercials during tax season with the airing of their new microseries, "All-Star Celebrity Treasure Hunt." The show-within-a-show will encourage viewers to play along online to win cash and other prizes. - The New York Times

Bud Light's ‘Unlock the Spot’ campaign invites Facebook fans to guess what its Super Bowl ads will be about (based on a static image). If the plots are correctly identified, Bud will "unlock" a new commercial -

IBM is releasing their new Social Business Toolkit that will help guide the process of incorporating social elements into their products and solutions. - CMS Wire

Europcar's clever ‘Crush Hour' Campaign (France) – crushes peoples cars into cubes and captures the surprise –

Yahoo! 3D Gesture Control Installation - The brief to Tronic / Brandfirst made note there was to be no instructions or screen prompts, as they wanted people to experience the response patterns by accident -

The Australian Open's iPad App by Ogilvy (Sydney) is a great example of branded utility -

KIA amplified their new Optima launch and sponsorship of the Australian Open using an Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile App. Any time users captured the KIA logo (tied also to event print materials) it activated an interactive 3D experience featuring the Optima - 

The Pepsi Refresh Project (aka the best Social Media Campaign ever) has received over 150,000 idea submissions, 76 million votes, 17 million unique visitors, 1.6 million comments and more then 3 million Facebook "likes" - all in the first year - 

Alex Bogusky's 'Fearless Revolution' and Reforming Capitalism -

The Goodbuzz difference-

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