Saturday, 25 February 2012

♔ Using Social Media To Drive Your Brands Top-line

Clearly the social media space has inherent potential risks, and seemingly endless potential rewards. Equally clear is that achieving success is not as simple as most people originally assumed. Brands must provide audiences today with compelling reasons to interact with their company and each other.  What many social media strategists miss however is the need to link their efforts to their client’s actual business objectives.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love new trends and technology, however what is ultimately required to ensure return on investment is a shift in perspective.  Aligning marketing activities with your brands core business objectives may mean forgoing a flashy cross-channel marketing initiative and focusing on initiatives that increase customer demand, sales, prospects, conversions and market share - - so step away from the Pinterest for a second. ;)

There is a fundamental difference between planning how a brand talks to customers (traditional brand planning) and how a brand earns the right to participate with customers (social brand planning). When we develop and deliver an overarching social strategy and implementation roadmap, our goal is to fulfill the company’s overall brand, marketing, and business strategies.

It may be easier to simply look at the role your brand plays.  Instead of thinking of it as a communications tool only, recast it as a management tool, as well; instead of thinking of yourself as the CMO, act like the CBO with responsibility for the brand’s implementation across the organization.  Instead of looking only at marketing metrics as the measure of success, consider employee engagement and culture strength.  Instead of thinking of brand as a psychological heuristic, reconsider it as a tangible asset whose growth in value can be financially measured, and can add strength to the balance sheet.

What do we know?  Having designed and deployed well over 100 Facebook experiences, pages, applications, tabs, connect integrations, and games - Goodbuzz has a rich portfolio of experience creating social applications and experiences across all major social media platforms. Our programs amplify, extend, and enhance the core conversations your company is having with your customer base, achieving engagement with unprecedented reach and scale.  Beyond Facebook, we have significant experience with mobile applications, socially connected microsites and websites, and inherently social “real world” events.

We have been fortunate enough to deliver social solutions, drive social brand engagement, and deliver meaningful social insights for the world’s largest companies and most valuable brands.  What can we do for you?  Contact Goodbuzz today to get started.