Thursday, 24 December 2009


The Coca-Cola Co. has launched an application to promote its Sprite brand, emphasizing that mobile has become an integral part of its 360-degree marketing strategy.

Sprite has launched Zoozbeat Sprite, the first iPhone application to be offered through Sprite’s ongoing Under the Cap promotion. When consumers enter Sprite cap codes via text message, they receive mobile rewards, including the new Sprite-branded, music-focused Zoozbeat application.

“Smart marketers are looking at all the different ways to communicate with people—traditional, in-store, out-of-home, online and mobile,” said a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola. “Since the Sprite brand is focused on youth, we want to focus on mobile in particular, and this is the first big Under the Cap program we’ve launched in the U.S., which we’re looking to grow moving forward,” she said. “If you’re not taking that 360-degree approach today, then you’re not marketing effectively.”

Zoozbeat Sprite’s music, recreation, and remix studio has been downloaded more than 1 million times since launching in the Apple App Store in November 2008.  Zoozbeat Sprite transforms iPhones into mobile music studios, letting users create their own tracks with downloadable beats and samples from music producers and artists such as Dallas Austin.

Zoozbeat Sprite works by shaking, tilting or tapping the iPhone screen to create and combine rhythmic and melodic tracks that can be uploaded to the Web for listening and sharing in mp3 format with friends.  Users can unlock additional beats within the application by twisting the cap off any Sprite or Sprite Zero bottle and texting in the keyword ZOOZ followed by the code under the cap.  Sprite will then provide consumers with a Zoozbeat Sprite code that can use be used to unlock more beats.  Additional artists being featured on the Zoozbeat Sprite application include hip-hop producer Khayree, Alex Christie, SY Scott, Novel, Sheed, Laron Brant and Spree Wilson.

The target demographic for the iPhone application is the same as overall target demographic for Sprite—multicultural youth ages 13-24.  As young people have their iPhones attached to their wrist a mobile app was a natural fit.   

Coca-Cola will also run mobile advertising across the mobile Web sites and within other iPhone applications to promote Zoozbeat Sprite.  Coca-Cola launched the iPhone application as an enhancement to the larger Under the Cap program Sprite has been running.  Consumers participating in the program can opt in to receive SMS alerts and other messages from Sprite.  The Under the Cap program is also promoted on packaging for the Sprite brand, encouraging consumers to text in to receive various rewards.  

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Looking to add some real “buzz” to your 2011 brand activities? Goodbuzz urges clients to take advantage of today's environment of pervasive technologies and overlapping media to create new kinds of entertainment.
With that in mind, here are our “Top 3” opportunities for 2010 that will separate you from the pack:
1.  OUT-OF-HOME:  Imagine urban environments transformed (using technology) into public places for play,
2.  ONLINE + MOBILE:  Both games that respond to broadcast TV in real-time, and Game events driven by real-world data,
3.  SITUATED MEDIA:  Multimedia and hypermedia that are embedded in the surrounding spatial environment.  Essentially, it’s media that corresponds to
a users specific locations and contexts.

GOODBUZZ works with advertising agencies, media firms, networks, and large consumer brands to build brands that radically differentiate.  What can we do for you?


According to Deloitte’s 24th Annual Holiday Survey of retail spending and trends (2009), one in five consumers—19 percent—plan to use the mobile channel for holiday shopping this year, with 25 percent of those customers planning to use a mobile phone to make a purchase.

To capitalize on this, Estée Lauder launched a mobile storefront where users can go to send gift ideas to friends and family during the holidays. The Estée Lauder storefront contains product images that consumers may select and send to their friends and family members’ mobile phones.

This is not the first time Estée Lauder has used mobile.  The brand is also helping raise awareness for breast cancer via an ad campaign that is running on Kargo and Hearst Magazines’ mobile properties (see story). The cosmetics giant also offered a Gift Time SMS Text Reminder service allowing consumers to sign up to receive text-message alerts (see story).

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Happy Holidays!


Budweiser, owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the worlds largest brewing conglomerate, ran mobile ads for its Bud Light Lime brand on the Weather Channel’s mobile site and within its iPhone application to promote its mobile initiatives.

Ads included videos and click-to-Bud Light WAP sites and the Apple App Store. The iPhone application banner ads were expandable ad units, so a user can touch the ad to expand it to take up a majority of the screen on the device, featuring a video that played within the ad unit that conveyed being on the beach and having a Bud.

“The idea was to promote Bud Light during the key summer months, with The Weather Channel iPhone application providing an exclusive opportunity and audience reach,” said the Vice President of mobile for The Weather Channel Interactive, Atlanta.  “Several creative executions rotated with important seasonal messages about Bud Light Lime and Bud Light’s Port Paradise promotion”.

The strategy behind The Weather Channel ad-supported app for iPhone was to make the top weather app even more useful while still remaining free for consumers.  It’s clear that Mobile customers respond to superior products and services---with more than 6.5 million downloads.   The Weather Channel application is now the top weather application in the Apple App Store, and its rich media expandable 320x40/300 ad unit offers a breakthrough creative execution.

Many of the banners in Bud Light Lime’s campaign drove consumers to the company’s Bud Light Lime Summer Hotspots iPhone Application. The application helps consumers locate hot spots in their area where they can cool off with a Bud Light Lime during the summer.  Also, consumers were driven to

Ads within the iPhone application also promoted Bud Light’s Paradise sweepstakes. Consumers were asked to text the keyword CRUISE to short code 23377 (BEERS) for a chance to win a cruise.

Bud Light’s adult consumers are heavy users of the mobile Web and 92 percent of TWC’s iPhone application users are 21 years of age or older.  The app is a great benefit to users and advertisers alike – opening the doors for expandable ads, click to video, GPS and more – all without sacrificing user experience.