Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Social Media Case Studies [June-GB_V1.0]

Kodak's Thomas Hoehn led a recent conference discussion on how social media enhanced the launch of their new video camera. He also covered how companies can use social channels to correct false information and rumors.  - BtoB 

ExxonMobil launched a blog called "Perspectives" in which Ken Cohen writes about the BP oil spill as well as his company's feelings on the issues and policies affecting the energy industry.  - Perspectives 

Dave Parsons mentions Morton's The Steakhouse in an article about using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels to their full advantage as part of a successful marketing strategy.  - DMNews 

MTV is looking for its first 'TJ', or "Twitter Jockey", who will engage with audiences and act as a liaison between viewers and network executives.  - USA TODAY 

In The New York Times' "In Transit" blog, Allison Busacca writes about TripAdvisor's new Facebook feature that allows fans to combine the site's reader reviews with advice from their Facebook friends.  - The New York Times 

From promoted trends on Twitter to a promotional Facebook app, Disney Pixar has been relying heavily on social media to get people excited about Toy Story 3. - Direct Traffic Media 

RIM has added a social taskbar to which allows viewers to share pages and follow the company on multiple networks. - BerryReview 

In a YouTube video titled "Gatorade Mission Control," PepsiCo offers a tour of how they monitor and engage with the brand's fans using social networks.  - YouTube

Kenny Rowe, E-Commerce Manager at ExOfficio, shared his four favourite types of social media content that drive engagement at our recent BlogWell event.  - Vimeo 

ExOfficio: Content is King, presented by Kenny Rowe from GasPedal on Vimeo.