Friday, 24 September 2010

New Zealand Army's 'Get What It Takes' Campaign a YouTube hit

Recruiting soldiers these days must be a daunting task to say the least.  Let alone becoming New Zealand's most viewed branded or sponsor channel on YouTube.

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington's did just that with their "Get What It Takes" campaign for the NZ Army.  TV trailers drive viewers to a branded YouTube Channel where they can view mini-documentaries and play a unique 'Get What It Takes' sniper rifle game.
The targets technographic profile (Forrester,) identifies them as both “Spectators” and “Joiners” – so any engagement would need to entertain, be fun and viral - without much user generated content (i.e. social platforms that are easy to access, view, and share).  Any campaign aimed at this target would need a strong digital focus, reflecting the key change in the way young people connect with brands and discover information today.

So a YouTube campaign telling the story of three young, everyday New Zealanders taking on stimulating and difficult challenges over the course of two weeks was perfect.  Online viewers follow the recruits as they learn how the NZ Army equips them with the skills needed to meet the tasks in hand.  Challenges include clearing a minefield to assault an enemy bunker, administering medical treatment to a fallen soldier whilst under enemy fire and sending vital intelligence information via the set-up of a temporary signals unit. All challenges relate to real life Army trades: Medic, Engineer and Communications Systems roles.

The game encourages virality and participation, as users can challenge friends on Facebook.  This aspect of this campaign invites users to experience "Get What It Takes" for themselves, simulating a real life rifle range, complete with wind shear, sound effects and a breathing monitor. The game-based YouTube Channel awards achievement badges based on firing accuracy and users can share their marksman score through Facebook, email or by downloading it and pinning it on their wall.  It also gives users another reason to share the content.

A simple idea well integrated and executed along the appropriate participatory channels.  Bravo. 
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