Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Focus on the conversations that matter
To a Domino’s local franchisee for example, the brand-related conversations that really matter are taking place near their geographical location.  While the overall brand image of Domino's is important to a local franchisee, owners can obviously make the biggest impact by focusing on the local discussions. To do this they use tools to search Twitter conversations within a specific geographical radius (like Monitter).

Deal with Issues Immediately
An advantage to being active in social media is that you can quickly turn around negative buzz about your company. When a customer tweeted some negative comments (venting about Domino's), a local franchisee/owner quickly responded with a video apology that the customer saw, and then shared with the online community. The video has since been embedded/shared some 87,000+ times.

Always be prepared to share
Always be on the lookout for things “of note” to share, Domino’s local franchisee/owners post everything and anything.  When an order was made for 600 large pizzas, one local franchisee hired a live blogger to document how Domino's went about placing the order and shared it with his customers.

Watch a Presentation (below) by one Chicago-area local Domino’s franchisee on how he employs social media to wow your customers and respond to negative buzz.
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