Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Delta Air Lines is letting fans check in and share their flight information with friends by using their new Facebook application- OSM 

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners were tasked with de-dramatizing the somewhat embarrassing, if not plain awkward, moment when "rubber protection" needs to be discussed - Video 

Cadillac is teaming up with Time Warner and CNN to introduce "Business Unusual" -- a social media campaign centered around documentary-style web video’s that feature stories from successful entrepreneurs- Gear Diary  

David Droga (of Droga5 acclaim) was challenged by Esquire to come up with a campaign that would compel consumers to pay for something they would normally get free. Droga approached UNICEF with the Unicef Tap Project - More   

GE, FedEx, and Softlayer all used creative B2B marketing promotions at SXSW that included social media components to get the word out to fans not present at the event - Social Media B2B 

Coke and the biggest experiment in rock history has Maroon 5 opening up their studio for a 24h live streaming event on Facebook to crowdsource, concept, write, record and produce a new song in just 24 hours. Check out the website or video

British Airways latest promotion let’s you ask questions (via SMS) to find out more details about an island - if you guess the location, you could win a 7-night stay on the Caribbean island - Video 

NCAA's new NCAA Vault streams every moment of the past decade's March Madness basketball tournaments. Viewers can freeze a specific play from any game and share the links with friends on Facebook and Twitter- Marketwire 

Do you ever pitch iPad or iPhone Apps to Clients? If so and you need a presentation prototype -check out Rethink Communications helpful (free) Realizer App

Every Friday this spring, The Home Depot is offering their fans Black Friday-type deals on their Facebook page in addition to the in-store sales events- The Home Depot 

Mitchum's 'The Hardest Working _____ in America' Campaign engaged consumers in a genuine conversation and gave them a compelling reason to interact with the brand (especially up against the likes of Old Spice) - More 

Planters' Mr. Peanut is hosting his own "Ultimate NCAA Bracket Challenge" on Facebook where fans can exchange comments with the brand's iconic character- Facebook 

Old Navy is featuring the two top artists on their Facebook page from their BreakoutBand competition that let fans re-record and remix the retailer's latest commercial jingles- BreakoutBand built a rod containing 80 LEDs with a device that measures WiFi signal strength -and with the long exposure photos captured the mapped signal strength- More

The Power of Transmedia Storytelling - telling stories across multiple platforms and formats – Article and Video  

Coca-Cola, Unilever, The Hershey Company, and AT&T are all using social media during March Madness to keep customers engaged- USA TODAY 
Great advertising should really be fun, engaging and reinforce a value-proposition indirectly (without the consumer being acutely aware). Tribal DDB London nails it with this VW website - True Life Costs Website 

As a part of their new consumer engagement campaign, Keds is launching a road tour shoe design contest and encouraging fans to tweet about their participation using the hashtag #KedsHDYD- DMNews 

Kellogg’s shares how they locked down their global social listening strategy- Vimeo 

YouTube's 2010 Top Ten: The Year in Review - Goodbuzz 

Nokia & Seeper combined a high-powered projection installation with dynamic face tracking, custom optical flow and a completely custom and crazy thing called arrow chess - bringing people right into the projection - Video 

Social Media’s Inconvenient Truth  - Understanding what consumers truly value on social media platforms is a critical first step toward building any Social strategy - More 

IFC's ‘Portlandia’ visits (and spoofs) Wieden + Kennedy HQ – Video 

Brands as Social ‘Movements’ – the MINI ‘Space’ Story 

Uniqlo’s Lucky Counter Campaign - The More Tweets, The Lower The Price- More 

Cadbury Creme Egg "Splat the egg" interactive outdoor game makes waiting for a bus much less boring – Outdoor

W+K and Nokia Create Virtual Paint You Can Splatter and Throw - More

NIKE (W+K) launch a new multi-sport brand campaign around the theme "Boom” - celebrating the big hits - More

DIESEL SNEAKERS global campaign features an ass-themed beat box game and a catalog of the collection - More

Fits.Me's Shape-Shifting Robot Lets You Try On Clothes remotely -More

Creative Facebook ‘Places’ Marketing Campaigns – Part 1 and Part 2

Stealthiest recruitment campaign yet? The rockstar’s at Jung von Matt ambush Facebook ‘Places’ - More

Qualcomm’s ‘Catch the Dragon’ Augmented Reality (AR) Experiential Mobile Promo at the Mobile World Congress - Video

Creative’s looking for some cool ideas using RFID-reading USB peripherals? More