Wednesday, 30 March 2011


This socially activated Foursquare campaign installation (for GranataPet, Germany) is so clever even Pavlov would be proud. The pet food brand positioned a socially activated installation to capture the target group while they walked their dogs - Video 

Guy Kawasaki and Brian Solis discuss brands, vision, inspiration, and Guy’s upcoming book the 'Art of Enchantment' – Video 

Jim Beam's Live Music Series is connecting fans and musicians with live concerts, exclusive live tracks, artist interviews, concert videos, and more - Jim Beam 

Get the Insider’s Experience and watch the Louis Vuitton fashion show from the front row via their highly interactive microsite 

This clever Skittles 'Touch' video is funny, viral, interactive and definitely disruptive – Video 

EA's guerilla teams secretly invaded the streets of London and Paris with 3D Projection Mapping - letting bystanders be the first to play the Crysis 2 game – Video 

Levi's new Watertank application on Facebook is encouraging fans to participate in saving water by registering to play the online game and help distribute water to those in need - Facebook 

72andSunny make the mobile check-in coupon experience a bit more interesting with their Happy Star Rewards™ App for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's - App 

Buick's March Madness campaign includes sponsored content on NCAA official Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Foursquare apps, as well as a series of mini films featuring former student athletes doing good works  - Advertising Age 

In an increasingly fabricated world of spun messages and concocted experiences it's tough to demonstrate a brand's authenticity--even for a 200 year-old brand like Altoids - Goodbuzz 

The new Facebook Questions feature allows you to easily create any number of different poll types to solicit feedback and recommendations from your fans – More. What FB Questions means for Marketers? - More.

TLC's new blog, Parentables, is creating a space for parents to learn and share everything from owning and decorating a home to raising a family and staying healthy - Twitter 

Ralph Lauren’s 4D Projection Mapping made buildings seem to suddenly opened up like a dollhouse to unleash a 3D parade of four-story tall models, a gigantic virtual polo match, and larger-than-life products - Video 

Silk is encouraging fans to participate in their "Silk for Milk 10-Day Challenge" on Facebook through Twitter, YouTube videos, and a new micro site following their sampling road tour  - KOLD 

Carlsberg's (Sweden) “Unbottle Yourself” engaging website and iPhone app (by Åkestam Holst) extends 500 challenges and instant rewards - Video 

State Farm is launching a Facebook sweepstakes that requires fans to tag themselves in pictures of Ford automobiles for a chance to win a Ford Fusion hybrid - DMNews 

How Toyota leverages Social Media to Build Brand Advocacy (and doubled FB followers in two months) - Video 

After their huge success with a virtual snowball fight on Twitter last month, Rayovac is expanding their social media outreach with content for their "Indestructible Tour" spanning across Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and blogs  - 

To ensure you can be just as annoying as that jackass sitting next to you at the last sporting event you attended, Pereira & O'Dell have developed a Pocket Vuvuzela iPhone App – Video 

For their new "Mac & Cheese TV" initiative, Kraft Foods is selecting five tweets from fans about macaroni and cheese to air on several cable TV late nightspots - ClickZ 

The Cleveland Indians are revamping their social media strategy for the 2011 season to include the Indians Social Suite -- an entire suite at Progressive Field catering to social media users - 

Soccer team Manchester United boasts the team with the most Facebook fans (with more than 10 million). Check out the Case Study 

Dell's shares how they are harnessing the power of social media to connect with customers, build relationships, and be perceived as a valued partner - Vimeo 

How do you create a brand for a country like Kenya that reinforces and resonates with how the citizens feel about themselves?  Hyper Island and iAD, Mikael Näslund came up with this clever campaign - Video 

Adidas France - 3D Mapping Projection is all about creativity, and establishing an emotional connection with the brand – Video 

Neuroscience, Primary Research, and Empathy - Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy, communication, and the profound ways it shapes our development and our society - Video 

A web interface for Microsoft's Halo franchise (by AKQA and Autofuss) lets gamers manipulate a Kuka industrial robot to create a virtual monument to Spartan warriors in Halo: Reach - Video 

Nike Football's ‘Write the Future’ Campaign uses Facebook to reach and connect with global football fans - Video 

Ford’s ‘Edge of Progress Tour’ has a GOOD writer cross the country in a Ford Edge to meet innovators and develop branded content – More 

The 'Escape Machine' (for Voyages) experience developed by DDB (Paris) surprises (and coincidentally offers the best way to explain post-coital bliss to the uninitiated we’ve ever seen) - Video 

Graphic Design legend David Carson on doing work you really love (and surfing as much as possible) – Video 

Nearly two decades after changing the face of typography with his magazine Ray Gun, David Carson is back with a new glossy—in print, of course—titled simply, CARSON – More 

Branding 101- Exploring the fragile link between authenticity and branding - More.

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