Thursday, 23 June 2011


Molson Coors is encouraging fans to join their ‘Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project’ by volunteering at summer events, planting virtual trees (that will later translate into real trees), and sharing their green citizenry on Twitter and Facebook - Red Leaf Project 

Sony and Intel are teaming up to challenge fans in ‘Project Shiphunt’ -- an online game involving Google Earth where players use virtual sonar to search the oceans for sunken treasure - Facebook 

Volkswagen’s ‘Think Blue’ initiative aligns like-minded people – More 

Oakley's "You Vs _" Experience -Campaign pits you against sponsored riders in a clever, collaborative, competitive, interactive POV, socially integrated experience. Bravo Big Balls and rehabstudio, London - very impressive work – Websit

'The Science of Social Timing' - When is the optimal time to post your content? This Infographic on Social Timing' should help - More 

Southwest Airlines discusses how they are connecting with customers by sharing behind-the-scenes and breaking news stories - Social Media Examiner 

Pay with a Tweet’ - A social payment system - 'The world's first social payment system' - Christian Behrendt and Leif Abraham Pay with a Tweet idea got 13,000+ downloads in the first 24 hours, and the 'Pay With A Tweet' button is now used by brands like Greenpeace and Microsoft – Website 

eBay is launching a social sharing function that allows users to find products and drag them to their Facebook page where friends can vote and offer comments on the selection - DMNews 

MINI MAPS - Google Maps Racing Advergame - Here's a cool Facebook app that lets you customise a virtual MINI and then challenge Facebook friends to time trials via a Google Maps mash-up (by DDB Paris & Unit9) – YouTube or English version also available.

For those not allowed to social network while at the office, Diesel has created a "Be Stupid at Work" application that disguises your Facebook account as an Excel spreadsheet - Adweek

Google has launched "Me on the Web" -- a social networking profile that allows users to manage all of their social network accounts from Google's social networking profiles - ReadWriteWeb

ASOS Fashion Marketplace – “The Global Fashion Democracy” by Profero is the UK’s largest fashion store.  Here’s their new website.

After reaching over 10 million users, Foursquare announced its most popular brands, including Old Navy, Bank of America, 7-Eleven, The Home Depot, and Target - Foursquare 

McDonald's is challenging New York's boroughs and surrounding metro communities to see which neighborhood can participate the most on Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook during their "Toast Your Town" campaign - ClickZ's latest campaign ( is like "Elf yourself" on steroids. It's a clever, collaborative, and socially integrated experience that let's you and your friends travel to Vegas to star in a Vanilla Ice video and attend an after-party tickle-fight with Dennis Rodman!? Equally wonky 'trips' are available in NYC and Paris. Hmmmm – Website

GE is using Instagram and Tumblr to give fans a unique inside look at their research labs, manufacturing plants, and archives from the last 130 years - The GE Show

Using Facebook 'Places' to Recycle - Coca-Cola (Israel) added over 10,000 new “recycling bins” to the Facebook Places index, and challenged fans to check-in at any recycling bin and take a photo of themselves to help promote social recycling –YouTube 

USA TODAY shares how they made charity cooler than Justin Bieber with their #AmericaWants Twitter campaign - Vimeo

Snapshot: 60 Seconds on the Internet - Infographic 

If you (like many of our co-workers) are now hacking KINECT and creating all new gesture-based applications to delight and amaze - you're going to like these - and

Intel presents "The Escape" – An immersive, interactive and extremely well executed experience with intelligent use of social (collaboration and integration), QR codes, mobile and more - YouTube 

Try and get a teenager to run anywhere and you’ll quickly realize that more then a Nike+ mobile app is required. Nike Running understands this and is trying to make running more fun, creative, and socially rewarding with their latest (by BoondoggleNL). and

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