Friday, 1 July 2011


Neiman Marcus is launching their new Rachel Zoe Collection with a unique interactive Facebook challenge that encourages fans to share their own fashion submissions with friends. - PRWeb   

A virtual Milla Jovovich serves as shoppers' guide through Ermenegildo Zegna's new 3D virtual store - a two-floor digital boutique, where you can browse and actually buy items. The project was notably designed by James Lima (a visual consultant on Avatar) -  Website  

Job searching is going social with Monster's recently launched BeKnown -- an application that lets users set up a professional network on Facebook. - Forbes  

Bing + Jay-Z 'Decode' Case Study of the Microsoft 'Bing' and Jay-Z's 'Decode' launch (by Droga5) that garnered an 11.7% increase (Bing) in one month and over 1.1 billion media impressions - Video  

Discovery look at how their social media team regularly engages over 36 million fans on their 70 Facebook pages. - All Facebook  

BMW 1M - Helipad - MPowered Performance - Part 2 - BMW Canada have released their second video (BMW 1M vs Helipad), which has had over 50,000 views (at time of posting) in a few short days  - Video  

World of ‘Fourcraft’ - The boroughs of New York City become the playing field for a giant game of digital Risk called 'World of Fourcraft'. Fourcraft was conceived during Game Hack Day NYC 2011 and requires players to log in to the game site, swear their allegiance to a specific NY borough, then 'check in' via Foursquare to conquer various neighborhoods’ – Website 

Aunt Jemima brand is engaging fans with Twitter parties, blogger breakfasts, and Facebook goodies -- including coupons, recipes, photos, and behind-the-scenes videos. - Adweek 

Microsoft has created a new way of sharing advertisements using Xbox's voice command feature. Users simply say "Xbox tweet" during an ad and the message is sent to friends via Twitter. - The New York Times   

PEUGOT's "Take the Car" Campaign - Peugot’s website's (by Volt Stockholm) visitors were challenged to click and hold their mouse button on a car they wanted—and the person who held on the longest (some lasted up to 15 hours) got to drive it for a week – Video  

Carnival Cruise Lines used Facebook to run a quiz-based sweepstakes that featured 11 videos with cruise director interacting with fan questions and posts. - ClickZ  

Are your font choices lacking inspiration of late? 'So you need a Typeface' is a project by Julian Hansen that will hopefully assist – Infographic  

Social Media Revolution (V3.0) - Here's something to add to your deck - the latest (V3.0) installment of Socialnomic’s “Social Media Revolution” completely updated with the latest statistics (as of June 2011) – Video  

Beginning with the Dave Matthews Band Caravan, Jeep is touring with a variety of artists this summer and posting live tweets and updates along the way. - PR Newswire  

Farmers Insurance's return to FarmVille gained them a record-breaking 2 million new fans on Facebook in just 24 hours. - Why Farmers Platinum?  

TESCO's (Korean Subway) Virtual Store Promotion - Korean consumers and TESCO grocery stores via a virtual store shelf and subway stations. Users simply scanned the QR code of the product and the products will be delivered to the customer’s door the same day – Video  

American Express customers can now link their cards to their Foursquare account for special offers at participating restaurants and retailers. - Fast Company  

DELTA AIR LINES' share how they are engaging with customers in new ways using social media. - Vimeo   

Diesel's 'DSLTAG' Campaign - A Cannes Future Lions 2011 finalist - this innovative platform lets you promote your favourite band by creating your own Diesel T-shirt with a customizable QR code (linked to a Grooveshark playlist) - Video  

Have you ever wondered how the rest of the world uses Social Media? Infographic  

"The Verbalizer" - Breakfast NY takes Google's Voice Search for a Spin building an open source dev board to inspire people to build their own useful and wacky contraptions to take Google’s Voice Search to another level – Video  

The 'BUMP-A-SMOKE' App by Miami Ad School students leveraged existing technologies (‘Bump’), solved the problem, and garnered some (good and bad) attention in the process - Overview   

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