Thursday, 2 June 2011


Sony Ericsson is giving away tickets to the Uefa Champions League final game in London to fans that check in at designated locations on Foursquare. - Brand Republic 

Tiffany & Co. is using social media to share its recently launched website about love with the intention of luring in-love couples to store locations or to the brand's Web site to buy an engagement ring - Website

To launch a new smart phone bundle, TURKCELL made a gift box covered with post-its. Using a live video feed, they asked the twitter crowd to unpack the box by tweeting what was written on the post-its using a hashtag #turkcelltweet – Video 

Honda's SuperCivicQuest is a digital scavenger hunt. There are 5 levels, each with a series of clues (and prizes) scattered across the web leading up to you (Cesar) fighting the dreaded 'El Burrito' – App 

T-Moblie's "Royal Wedding" video spoof has gone viral with over 21 million views on YouTube. - Ad Age 

American Express' discuss how they're using Facebook and Foursquare to target business owners and dedicated fans. - ClickZ

The FWA’s Site of the Month is the ‘MAGNUM Pleasure Hunt’ (by Lowe Brindfors/B-Reel/Plan8) where users play an interactive game across multiple websites collecting chocolates – Website

Intel’s ‘The Museum of Me’ is by far the most impressive visualization we’ve seen to date (using Facebook images.) Period. The integration and delivery is amazing - especially for those of you who’ve been active on Facebook for a few years – More

GRAACC - The Great Banner Sale Campaign - People and companies were invited by email to buy a banner they could customize (and pay whatever they wanted for.) Websites displayed the banners for a whole week and all the money was directed to GRAACC - producing 3,000,000+ impressions and increasing annual donations by 260% - More 

This clever campaign for UNICEF (by Miami Ad School students) utilizes the spelling feature inside Google Chrome to trigger donation prompts. Each miss-spelt word adds a “Donate This Word To UNICEF” option (where users can then right-click the red underline to amend spelling mistakes) - More  

HBO has launched HBO Connect -- a one-stop social TV site for all of HBO's programs that invites fans to join the conversation about their favorite shows. - The Futon Critic

Namechk - One source to check to see if your desired username (or vanity URL) is still available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites - 

NuFormer's latest lets users interact and manipulate the actual 3D projection (in real-time) using gesture based tracking (via Kinect). All types of branded content, logos or product placement can thereby be incorporated – More 

Here’s a clever way to build intrigue and peak interest around the launch of a new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. If you visit this website, it appears to simply be a black page with some audio. However, (nerd alert) if you play back the audio file in a program that supports spectrograms - hidden text in the form of a twitter hashtag appears ( It’s the first piece of a puzzle that leads to the next clue. How very J.J. Abrams - Website 

Bacardi is turning their Facebook fans' likes into real life concert experiences for thousands of fans across the country. - BarBizMag

MERRELL has launched a new website (by The Minimart) to support the creation the world's largest panoramic picture. Users are asked to upload their outdoor shots to the website - More 

Instead of asking people to donate money this (Miami Ad School) concept lets people donate their air miles to transport RED CROSS staff.   Adding a “Donate your miles” button to flight booking websites people can donate their unwanted or unused air miles instead of donating money. This donation would lead to the Red Cross microsite where users can log in with their Twitter or Facebook account to track and share their donation - More

Don’t forget!  The CREATIVITY AND TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE (CaT) is on next week in NYC. June 9th, 2011 at the New World Stages (340 West 50th Street, New York, New York – More  - We’ll see you there.

Social television research company, Bluefin Labs, has named Fox, ABC, and MTV as the top three most socially engaging broadcast and cable TV networks. - Lost Remote

SUBWAY’S ‘COMMIT TO FIT’ SWEEPSTAKES garnered 900,000 new ‘Likes’ in a week asking users to commit to a healthy lifestyle for a chance to win cash. To peak interest and drive Facebook engagement, Subway ran a sweepstakes on their landing tab allows users to make a commitment to be healthy for a chance to win $25,000.

As a part of their Apps for Change campaign, Nokia is continuing to encourage idea submissions in their IdeasProject Community that can be reviewed and discussed by fans. - IdeasProject 

The New York Times is experimenting with replacing their automatic Twitter feed with real people to improve their engagement with fans. - The Wall

Yahoo! is integrating social media into their email service. Users will be able to send and receive Facebook and Twitter updates directly from their inbox. - ZDNet 

SAMSUNG’S ‘LIKE IT, REVEAL IT, WIN IT’ Contest features a weekly product giveaway that incentivizes users to invite their friends to participate (and to check-in regularly.)  Users are asked to unlock a certain amount of pixels each week to reveal a photo of the Samsung Television prize for the week and can potentially win instant prizes.  The key mechanic here however is the fact that users enter by unlocking a pixel, thus, the more pixels unlocked the easier it is to see the prize, creating an incentive for users to share with friends.  In two weeks Samsung has garnered 12,000 new fans.

SCHOLASTIC share how they connected bloggers and the online community to create a successful corporate blog and influential online voice. - Vimeo 

Here’s a fun interactive outdoor campaign (by DDB Stockholm) for MCDONALDSPick N’ Play lets users play a game on a large interactive billboard using their mobile phone.  A product coupon is sent to the phone after playing - Video 

The MINI ‘Space’ ‘Patterns & Places’ Design Competition lets users submit visual interpretations by way of design, photography or illustration of what moves you – be that geometric or asymmetrical, stripes and polka dots.  Winners can win cool prizes from Apple, Rayban, and others – More 

Here a clever MINI ‘Bingo’ Direct Response Campaign that leverages technology to amplify activities - Video

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