Friday, 8 July 2011


2011 Cannes Cyber Lions: The Winning Case Studies - Collection  

As a part of their "We Speak Success" campaign, Hilton Garden Inn's Facebook page is offering electronic greeting cards for fans to send to friends while out of town- Travel Pulse  

People and organizations are reordering their priorities and causing global change across a range of interconnected space. In this instance, BECK’S support of the Arts, the ‘Green Box Project’ and the world's first globally networked augmented reality (AR) Gallery Video

To stop Japanese kids from going completely ape-shit (understandably) Masashi Kawamura devised the ‘Tiny Riot’ app that combines the accelerometer, microphone, camera, and a rambunctious metal track to turn the iPhone into an aggressive instrument. The app even records video of your "tiny riot" and uploads it to a dedicated site - App

Kraft Foods is listening to what fans are saying about their products on Twitter and Facebook in order to spruce up their less-popular brands- The Wall Street Journal

Mayo Clinic has launched a new social network to connect their global patient community- Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media 

Fear not - the "Wheel of Concept" (by Tribal DDB) comes to the rescue when you need a creative concept. Just spin the wheel and a concept will be developed for your needs. Thank them later. ;) Incidentally, Tribal links this page to their job postings for some extra traction – Website 

Intel is continuing to create unique online social experiences like no other with their new interactive YouTube video, "The Escape." Users can connect with Facebook to further personalize the video and include their friends in the experience- The Next Web 

The “why of buy” is a trillion dollar question. Here’s a good WHITE PAPER  (by Buyology Inc.) on “Leveraging the Subconscious to Drive Transformational Growth”.  Also, after six years and $8 million in global research, here are your Top Ten Brand Relationship Activators 

In honor of the new Captain America movie, Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins are asking fans to nominate and vote for their real soldier and veteran heroes on Facebook- Boston Herald

Brands like TOMS Shoes, Toyota, and more are growing their fan-base with clever give-a-ways on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube- Social Media Examiner 

This Infographic (from get satisfaction) offers interesting insight into why people follow brands in the social media space.  Who knew that over 97% of people say that social media has influenced their decision to make a purchase of a brand or product – Infographic 

Amway discusses the importance of localizing Facebook pages in terms of language, customs, and merchandise- ClickZ 

Procter and Gamble's Bounty brand is connecting with new fans in the social media game space. Since their social in-game advertisement debut in mid-June, they've added over half a million fans to their Facebook page- Ad Age 

Vodafone's "Facebook vs Hamilton" Case Study- How to leverage Formula One and Lewis Hamilton to mark the release of an upgraded mobile data network? Vodafone Nederland's clever social activation (by Achtung!) garnered incredible results - Video 

The Internal Revenue Service shares how the IRS is moving social media forward in a sensitive environment- Vimeo 

The "Twitter Job Hustle" – This clever campaign by creative team Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam in an attempt to get work at a leading advertising agency – Video 

Pringles "Crunch Band" Case Study – To tie in with the festival season, Pringles wanted to create something playful that could connect with their audience – Video 

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