Wednesday, 21 September 2011


CBS is hosting a series of "Tweet Weeks" involving exclusive chats with the stars of their shows from upcoming launches - Lost Remote

MasterCard unveiled a new sensory payment 'QkR' platform that is capable of processing payments triggered by a number of sources including NFC (Near-Field Communication), frequency codes (sound) and even physical gestures – Article

Tesco's Virtual Stores (S. Korea) Case Study - Here's an overview of the TESCO Virtual Shopping Experience. Must say, very impressive out of the box thinking – Video

Pink Ponies: A Case Study (John Street) – Video

Malibu Rum is attempting to build customer loyalty after their summer selling season with the launch of a new Facebook game called the "Beach Club." >> Ad Age

Discovery Communications' share how they use social media to connect with their brands' biggest fans - Mashable

GoldRun Hits an Augmented Reality (AR) Home Run with Bloomingdale's, NBC and the Playboy BunniesGoldRun engages users in real-time with an interactive experience that yields real world rewards – Article

Samsung is teaming up with YouTube star FreddieW to promote their latest mobile device with his new viral video shot with a Galaxy phone - YouTube

DUREX - Promoting Safe Sex in Taipei - Product sampling with a Twist. "Xerud" handed out predictions related to one's sexual life and relationships together with the most relevant sample condom based on the forecast and the product benefit. The sample pack also contained educational tips about safe sex – Overview

Kaiser Permanente shares how they built a social media network to drive fantastic customer service - Vimeo

Cisco is using their social media newsroom dubbed "The Network" to create and organize content to better connect with their customers and prospects - Social Media B2B

Behind the Social Marketing of ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’.  Agency Mekanism targeted a group of 50 social media influencers and also released a series of short “real ape” videos on YouTube (one of which was watched nearly 13 million times) – Article

General Mills, Unilever, and other consumer packaged goods brands are experimenting with new digital initiatives ranging from social couponing to stronger e-commerce options and enhanced labeling - DMNews

Quaker Oats' Chewy Granola Bars are engaging fans using Facebook, customized e-cards from Nick Jonas, and online videos during their "Search for a Superstar" campaign - Quaker Chewy Superstar Search

Proving yet again that a good idea sells itself, this campaign increased interest, awareness and attendance. SL Pride 2011 campaign ”Our proudest bus ever” The idea is to enable Facebook users to upload their profile pictures on SL’s new double-decker buses – which are then color coded to a rainbow – Overview

Dr. Pepper generated nearly 16 million impressions across the web from their most recent campaign that encouraged fans on the artist site deviantART to submit designs for an outdoor mural - ClickZ

Men's Health and Women's Health magazines used Facebook's pre-existing competitive features (i.e. number of friends, pages likes, and news feed updates, etc.) to fuel a buzz-worthy contest between men and women online - Social Media Today

Ariel 'Fashion Shoot' - Facebook-Controlled Robot Shooter. The robot arm was controlled by Facebook users in Scandinavia. Once a piece of clothing was successfully shot—and stained—an Ariel representative would take the garment down, wash it and send it to the Facebook user as proof of the detergent – Video Overview

Deciding if someone is worthy of your following them on Twitter is easier with this social analytics tool. It measures behavior patterns, famous words, top followers, links, replies, RT's, songs, pictures and check-ins – Website

The Volkswagen up! Challenge - Stories become games and games become stories. It seems to be all about “game mechanics” of late - and brands the world over are attempting to get users to “play” with their products. In this case VW has extended an app (by AKQA) that lets you race against four friends simultaneously – App

Wondering what digital experiences in the future will look like? Pranav Mistry - The Genius behind the paper laptop demonstrates his remarkable vision – TED Talk

Prigat's (Israel) User Generated Billboard - Facebook fans sent real time messages to interactive digital billboards at train stations in the hope of getting passers by to smile and "like" their message. People walking past could press a “Like” button that would broadcast video (of the moment they read the message) back to the individual user who sent it on Facebook – Overview

PayPal: Future of Shopping - PayPal's latest extends everything from person to person “bump” payments and transfers, location based offers that instantly transfer real dollars to your PayPal account for use in a certain store, barcode scanning with price referencing, QR code check-out, instant scan to pay from barcodes and a full post-checkout money management platform that let’s you choose how to pay, after you’ve actually paid for it – Overview

Social Media Return On Investment (ROI) Statistics (by MDG Advertising) – Infographic

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