Wednesday, 2 June 2010


1. Mashable: The Social Media Guide. Undoubtedly one of the most prolific blogs for reviews of new Websites and services. Mashable has great social media resources and guides!  Click Here to go to Mashable
2. ReadWriteWeb: This popular blog furnishes insightful analysis of web trends, and is full of all sorts of timely information about social media. Besides helping you stay on the cutting edge with social media marketing, this blog is a must-read for anybody with an ecommerce enterprise!  Click Here to go to ReadWriteWeb
3. PR 2.0: Technorati ranks it among the top 1.5% of all blogs on the Web. It’s also ranked among the leading voices in the Ad Age Power 150 list of blogs worldwide. A wealth of social media info here! Click Here to go to PR 2.0
4. Chris Brogan: A social marketing strategist who can be immensely helpful to anyone who wants to learn about social media marketing. Click Here to go to Chris Brogan
5. Social Media Examiner: A free online publication that will show you how to use Twitter and other social media sites. It also offers some truly fantastic info about how to generate sales and increase your brand awareness. Click Here to go to Social Media Examiner
6. 180/360/720: A source of good information about marketing in general and social media optimization, as well. Click Here to go to 180/360/720
7. Social Media Explorer: Basically, this blog boasts as its main contributor Jason Falls, another social media guru. It’s a jewel and a must for every social media marketer! Click Here to go to Social Media Explorer
8. Digital Buzz: This blog is a jumpin’ little place with all kinds of goodies for the entrepreneur, including juicy tidbits about social media marketing. Warning: Very interesting reading here for ecommerce folks, it’s easy to spend more time than you planned on this blog! Click Here to go to Digital Buzz
9. Neville Hobson: The Numero Uno PR blog in the UK, and fantastic reading for anyone, anywhere who is into ecommerce and social media! Click Here to go to Neville Hobson
10. The Future Buzz: Really great blog that will provide you with some useful tips and pointers on marketing, generating buzz about your business with social media, and more. Click Here to go to The Future Buzz