Thursday, 3 June 2010


It’s been said that advertisers today are competing for cultural impact, not just product sales.  To this end, today’s engagement goes well beyond convincing a person to buy something.  Advertisers are interested in finding ways to seamlessly weave a brand experience into the mix that consumers perceive as adding value. It's achieved when the consumer feels they have a relationship with the brand and steps forward to act on behalf of the brand or with the brand.  The latest wave of social offering’s attempt to provide new ways for brands to advertise online or consolidate existing social.  Some of the new kids on the block include:

WeReward - Couponing
You already use services such as Foursquare or Gowalla to share physical locations and Flickr to share photos. WeReward adds an incentive for users who participate in advertising-related activities.   WeReward converts social activities that consumers are already enjoying into ways for advertisers to get attention. For example, a company such as Domino's, which is a client, might offer rewards to users who post photos getting pizzas delivered. WeReward lets users check out lists of tasks from advertisers and claim points, discounts or small sums of money for completing them.

VideoGenie - Video User-Generated Content
VideoGenie harnesses users' passion for creating videos and posting them online by allowing brands to request videos on certain subjects.  The company's platform makes it easy for everyday people to produce usable content with prompts and timelines. The goal is to extend all the tools necessary to allow users to make a video without any need for editing. VideoGenie also offers rewards and/or discounts to users who complete videos or whose videos are selected.

GeoToko - Social Dashboard
GeoToko helps brands harness the dizzying array of social services through a single interface and works with the review site Yelp, the location-based services Foursquare and Gowalla, and the microblogging site Twitter. The platform allows marketers to offer prizes, discounts, and contests through all of these sites, increasing overall efficiency for advertisers.
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