Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Social Media Case Studies [Aug-GB_V4.0]

VISA's making shopping more social with a plug-in called Rightcliq that lets people receive shopping advice from friends via Facebook and email. - Visa

TOYOTA is encouraging people to share their personal stories about their vehicles on Facebook with their "Auto-Biography" campaign. - ClickZ

ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS has opened up Rogers Community Forums, a place to find help with technical issues, ask and respond to questions, and discuss the company's products and services with others. - RedBoard

In a new partnership with FOURSQUAREPIZZA HUT announced that it will be rewarding devoted customers who have earned the title of "Mayor." They’ll receive a free order of breadsticks with their pizza. - Fast Company

DELL's Tag Team app on Facebook is taking social shopping to a new level by letting people find products through user-generated tag clouds and make purchase decisions based on customer reviews. - Context Optional

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, ZAPPOSand BEST BUY are among several brands mentioned in Valeria Maltoni's blog post about top customer service accounts on Twitter. - Conversation Agent

By listening and engaging in real conversation about a taboo subject, KIMBERLY-CLARK'S social media campaign for Kotex created a safe place for women and girls to go for support. - FASTForward Blog

Dave SchoonoverKIA's national manager of CRM and digital marketing, discusses the strategy behind their "Who's Next" YouTube contest. - MediaPost

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