Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Remember liquid paper? Tipp-Ex correction fluid leverages YouTube to increase relevance

The correction fluid brand's latest campaign features a video of a hunter caught in the dilemma of whether to shoot a bear or not. Having decided not to, he grabs a Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse and amends the video to 'A hunter ____ a bear', before inviting (you) the viewer to fill in the blank with their choice of verb.  Once the viewer has suggested a new action, the hunter and bear duo act out the new command or, if they get stumped, hold up a cheery 'Error #404' placard.

The open-ended challenge of trying to find all the filmed variations ensures high levels of engagement and dwell time on Tipp-Ex's YouTube page - which has already notched up over 3.5 million views since the video was uploaded at the end of August.  

For possibly the first time in YouTube's history, the comment section is actually helpful, with suggestions of actions to try out including: eats; watches TV with; swims with; moonwalks with; shows his ass to; is shot by; smokes with; and the rude one which you're thinking of - yes they do that too.  
Check it out and tell us what you think. :)