Friday, 22 October 2010


It's finally time.  There's absolutely no more excuses.  We've officially heard them all now.

With 450 million users globally (and millions more being added each week) Facebook is dominating the web in unparalleled ways. Almost half-a-billion users and 80% of all Americans online, spend at least 6 hours per month on Facebook.  Add to that, Facebook is the most visited site on the web to date in 2010, surpassing even Google in search stats for the first time in history.

There’s not much you can do today on a traditional website that can’t also be done on Facebook.  Where a brand URL was once the place to go for brand communications, consumers of all ages are more and more looking to Facebook as the de facto place to find information about the brands they’re interested in (and follow the ones they like).   Brand relationships have always been a form of self-expression.  Facebook just provides a platform to evidence and amplify this affiliation and loyalty to the world.  For Gen-Y or “Millennial’s” for example, brand preference ranks as high as religion and ethnicity as top personal identifiers online. 

The cat's out of the bag.  Facebook today is the hub of all social and online activities. It’s the new TV and our new background noise — it’s always on.  

Facebook is, for all intents and purposes, Public Relations, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, CRM, Focus Groups/ Product Testing, Target Advertising, and Data Analytics/ Research departments – all wrapped up into one offering. While we certainly concede there are much “sexier” media vehicles, none deliver the same simple value proposition and return on investment as Facebook.   

It’s really as simple as fishing where the fish are.  

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