Wednesday, 20 April 2011


NBC is launching ‘NBC Live’ a live social stream of conversation that allows fans to interact with each other and the NBC staff during the airings of prime-time shows.  - TV Guide 

Magnum 'Pleasure Hunt Across The Internet' - This multi-site Advergame concept's (Lowe Brindfors) been done a few times before (i.e. Lynx Party Across The Internet) but still works – Video 

Carlsberg launched their latest global digital campaign (apparently as a tribute to 2008 creative) with a Facebook app that invites users to type in a transmission, upload their photo and even send a message to friends (from the moon) using text-to-voice and face mapping - Site 

The Diesel Brand and the Cult of Stupidity - The Diesel brand was born more than 20 years ago and today is present in over 80 countries with 10,000 points of sale. Here's a look at the 'stupid' brand – Overview

Zappos, Ford, Cree, and Hasbro are among the top big brands the Social Media Examiner highlights as implementing innovative social media marketing.  - Social Media Examiner 

The billboard (near the Holland Tunnel in downtown Manhattan) says "Today I'm feeling (blank)" By downloading the 'magic' (aka GoldRun) for your iPhone - you can see (via AR) your animated emoticon on the billboard. Imagine the possibilities – Video 
Forsman & Bodenfors have done it again with this app for Reebok. If you schedule a run using the app - and don't do it - the app busts your balls and tells all your friends what a slackass you are using social media. Come to think of it, that may just work – Video 

Clarisonic's Director of Cause Marketing, Lou Yaseen, discusses how they are keeping fans interested and engaged after the success of their Facebook cause marketing campaign.  - eMarketer 

Aston Martin released their latest mobile App that’s as innovative as the product itself - featuring retina display graphics, multi channel audio recordings, exclusive content, and advanced telemetry technology – Overview

Wrigley brand 5 Gum used Twitter and other digital channels to promote its sponsorship of last weekend's Coachella Music Festival's live stream on YouTube.  - SMI 

This SAS Airlines Campaign (by CP+B Europe) was taken down by Facebook. It's no 'Whopper Sacrifice' - but still considered a success (with the results to prove it) – Overview 

Bazooka Candy shares how The Topps Company gained over 12,600 page likes in ten hours after the release of their new product, "Sweet Tweets," on Facebook.  - ClickZ 

Mitch Joel's (Six Pixels of Separation) presentation of his 2011 talk on Social Commerce and the Rise of the New Consumer - Video 

Electronic Arts is promoting the release of their new game, Battlefield 3, by prompting fans to like their Facebook page and unlock a sneak-preview video.  - OSM 

Everything you ever wanted to know about Social Media - White Paper - Scribd 

The 'Razorfish 5' Report identifies five technologies changing our current landscape - Report 

Procter & Gamble is celebrating Pampers' 50th birthday with a new program, "Little Miracle Missions." Fans are encouraged to share their own little miracle stories and photos or make a pledge to the mission on Facebook.  - MediaPost 

Everything you ever wanted to know about Facebook commerce but were afraid to ask - Report 

Reebok shares how customer feedback on blogs and Facebook inspired their new product social strategy.  - AdWeek 

Heineken 'Tastebuddies' Case Study - a concept created specifically to fit into (and not over-commercialize) the Flow Festival in Helsinki – Overview 

BMW’s EVolve App helps users track their daily driving habits and after three trips will start evidencing EV compatibility, create manual trips, plug in mobile app data and use an EV Dashboard – More

 As a part of the "Terminal 2 Takeover" campaign, Virgin America is encouraging passengers to check-in at their new San Francisco International terminal via Facebook and Foursquare.  - Planegrazy 

Toyota is teaming up with Electric Arts to feature their Prius vehicles as virtual gifts in the Facebook social game, "MONOPOLY Millionaires."  - MSN Money 

Here's a fun little 'brandwashing' project from Swedish design artist Viktor Hertz – More 

These clever interactive Bus shelters with digital billboards, pressure sensors, and mock electrocardiogram monitors that are flat-lining (by LG2) certainly get your attention – Overview 

Facebook just launched a stand-alone community site where ad agency creative-types (like YOU) can share ideas, insights, and comment on campaigns – Site 

Have you ever suspected you have a big melon but weren’t sure how to leverage it for advantage? Volkswagen Passat’s latest website (by Achtung, NL) literally allows you go head-to-head against your LinkedIn contact list using your profiles head size – Website 

This Best Buy app (by Crispin Porter + Bogusky) tries to extend a clear product upgrade path (and build loyalty at the same time) – App