Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Axe  has created a Facebook application for men that updates their relationship status to appear as if they are dating many women at once - Adweek 

Budweiser is casting fans from their Facebook and Renren pages for a new global reality show that will give participants a chance to live out their dreams. - Convenience Store News 

Zoff Augmented Reality (AR) Mirror - What's unique is that it works even as users turn their heads from side to side, allowing them to see how they look in the frames from a variety of different angles – Video 

Domino's shares how to turn your local customers into raving fans. - Social Media Examiner 

Delta Air Lines is promoting their three-day New York baseball event on Facebook and Twitter with contests, giveaways, and the hashtag #DeltaDugout. - Delta Blog 

AUDI - An excellent example of branded utility - Audi USA's app lets owners select the type of service they require and locates them via the smartphone’s GPS capabilities – Article 

The Connected Brand and Real-time Marketing - Article 

Coca-Cola teamed up with rock band Maroon 5 to give fans a chance to join them in the studio and be a part of the recording process via a Twitter screen that was broadcast live to the band. - Influential Marketing Blog 

This 2011 Social Media Report by Michael A. Stelzner (Social Media Examiner) identifies how marketers are using social media today to grow their business and future plans - Report 

BERGHS SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION and the Swedish Creative Invasion – Article 

The 2011 Tony Awards is engaging with viewers on Facebook by encouraging them to record and share videos recalling what they love best about Broadway. - Playbill Blog 

LADY GAGA on Farmville –It’s on. It’s live 

McDonald's is looking for the best duo on Twitter to help promote their new frozen strawberry lemonade drink. Fans are encouraged to tweet why they are the perfect pair to compete for the grand prize. - Scribbal 

NIKE SHOUT - a social installation designed to give fans a real voice, in real-time, on game day. With fans submitting messages of support for their team or favourite player via the Nike Football Facebook App or with #hashtags on twitter, messages would queue in real-time, before being displayed on huge LED displays that run the length of the field, during games – More 

Mitsubishi is creating a unique online experience for their fans with a 360-degree interactive video test drive for its new models that viewers can share on Twitter and Facebook. - ClickZ 

BMW - An afterimage is an optical illusion that refers to an image continuing to appear in one's vision after the exposure to the original image has ceased. Here BMW experiments with an afterimage to extend a completely new brand experience - Video 

MICROSOFT's Bing is debuting a new social search feature that includes Facebook integration and a universal like button for all sites on the web. - ReadWriteWeb 

Walmart's shares how they engage with massive audiences internally via social media. - Vimeo

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