Friday, 17 June 2011


American Express, PepsiCo, and Disney share how they're using location-based services to connect with their fans. - Inc. Technology  

McDonald's discuss how they turned negative chatter on Twitter into a positive, trending experience for all of the restaurants' fans. - Chief Marketer 

During their 2011 Summer Scoop Truck Tour, Ben & Jerry's is delivering ice cream to local fans who tweet a request to stop near their locations. - Ben & Jerry's 

Orange who are becoming known for their creative uses of Twitter, are at it again with their campaign that has a movie voiceover guy reading tweets from fans. - Adweek  

MTV are exploring Tumblr, a platform they hope to use to feature niche content. - AdWeek 

InterContinental Hotels are welcoming and engaging guests directly on Twitter to ensure a pleasant stay. - Communications Passionista 

Boeing has launched a YouTube channel to give fans an inside look at how their products are designed, built, tested, and delivered. - YouTube 

An interesting evolution of social integration (at point-of-purchase), Diesel have introduced QR codes into their retail stores that enable customers to “Like” a product just by scanning a QR code (which then posts to your Facebook wall) – Video

 As a part of their Click For Kids campaign, Northwestern Mutual is donating a total of $200,000 to three nonprofits. Each time a fan likes their Facebook page, they are giving $10 to a nonprofit of the fan's choice. - Facebook 

According to a study by Buddy Media and L2 Think Tank - BMW, Clinique, Audi, and Lexus top the list of luxury brands on Facebook based on how they used the social networking site to grow their business. - Buddy Media Blog 

Paramount is using Twitter's Promoted Trends to drive movie ticket sales for Super 8 by offering sneak-peek viewings and easy access to tickets. - ClickZ's 'Behind The Wall' Promotion - To demonstrate the significant difference in binaural sound recordings (on headphones) 10 interactive sound installations (by Hyper Island students) were placed around Stockholm providing listeners with a unique brand experience – Video 

Nike's newest campaign is encouraging athletes to submit videos of their team on Facebook. Winners will travel with the Nike team and will be determined by fan support, Nike, and Nike athletes. - EyeballHQ 

CNN incorporated social media into the GOP debate coverage by allowing viewers to comment on the issues via Twitter and Facebook. - SocialTimes 

JCPenney is challenging student designers to submit runway styles for today's modern women on YouTube so others can vote and pick the winning design. - YouTube 

To amplify the STOCKHOLM PRIDE FESTIVAL in a fun, viral way, a FB app ( was developed that allows users to (figuratively and metaphorically) "get on the bus" - by uploading their photo and sharing with friends. Kudos to Hyper Island's Mikael Näslund on his first live project at his Saatchi & Saatchi internship - Video
Procter & Gamble is giving Facebook Commerce another try and adding "shop" buttons to several of their brands' Facebook pages. - Ad Age 

As the championship series plays out, the NBA shares tips on how their social media team engages fans on Twitter and Facebook. - Fast Company 

Intel's new "Museum of Me" app lets fans create a visual archive of their social life by gathering photos, data, and quotes from their personal Facebook page. - PCWorld 

H&R Block shares how they are focusing their social site efforts on the customer experience - Vimeo 

Part of the chain’s in-store “Summer of Beer” push; T.G.I. Friday’s extended fans a “Buy a Beer” Facebook tab and app that allows users to send their Facebook friends a virtual gift card for a beer at T.G.I. Friday’s.  They’ve seen a 25% lift in page ‘likes’ since running the promotion - Facebook 

Tracking Down Twitter's Best Rumor Spreaders - A new approach could help marketers target users with the most influence – More 

Renault brought Facebook liking to life at the AutoRAI motorshow using RFID-equipped smartcards. Whenever a visitor liked the car they were viewing, they swiped their smartcard on the nearby reader and the action was updated on their Facebook page. - TNW 

The ROI of Social Media - Slideshare 

Tiffany & Co. is using Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and other social tools to lure couples in-love to buy an engagement ring  - More 

'Diesel Cam' Facebook Integration - Interactive installations (by Fullsix) at Diesel Stores in Spain let customers share and show the garments they purchased (and tried on) with their Facebook profile from the store –Video 

Magnotes' by Sharpie - Social Annotations - A 2011 Future Lions finalist, 'Magnotes' by Sharpie (by Miami Ad School) is a social annotations app that allows iPad users to make their own interactive annotations, doodles and sketches while reading their favorite magazine – Video 

Pushing the Ad industry to invest in Passion and Ideas - In the new advertising and marketing economy, it’s a shame to let all that talent and creativity to be directed solely by the client. In this panel, we’ll hear three top agencies discuss how they’re generating their own IP, and with it, new revenue sources – Video 

To co-promote the movie “Super 8”, 7-Eleven is using FourSquare to unlock prizes. Everyone who checks-in is entered to win a trip to space. Every 88th check-in who participates can win a free movie ticket and every 88,888th check-in can win a Zero-G Experience weightless flight to suborbital space – More 

“Establishing and Maintaining Brand Relevance” – A discussion with David Aaker - Author, Professor Emeritus at Berkeley’s Business School, and Vice Chairman of the brand consulting firm Prophet - on the state of brands today - Podcast 

Orange's 'The Feed' Campaign - Feeling your summer plans lack a little gravitas? Just tweet them to #thissummer and a professional voiceover artist will give them that iconic summer blockbuster sound. More fun from Poke London for Orange – Overview 

"The Art of Immersion" - Frank Rose - How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories - More 

Unilever's 'Share Happy' Vending Machine (by Sapient Nitro)- Facial recognition technology determines gender, age, and whether you're smiling. If big enough, users get a free ice cream and share their (AR modified) picture with Facebook – Video 

'Le Club Perrier' Campaign - Perrier has just launched a pretty stunning campaign on YouTube that incorporates the concept of group buying, and turns it into group viewing. Its new YouTube channel features a video of a club scene, accompanied by a thermometer on the right hand side. The more that people watch the video, the more scenes will get unlocked and the hotter the video will become. – YouTube Channel 

Nine Lessons From Successful Brands on Twitter - Twitter is a crucial part of any social communication plan. Here are nine companies that know their stuff, along with lessons you can put to use – Article 

Intranet 3.0 - SharePoint® and the Social Intranet – Article 

The Evolution of Transmedia Storytelling- What’s transmedia storytelling? In transmedia storytelling, content becomes invasive and fully permeates the audience's lifestyle. A transmedia project develops storytelling across multiple forms of media in order to have different "entry points" in the story – Video 

BMW 1M vs Concrete Walls Viral Video - BWM Canada have released this video, which has had over 450,000 views (at time of posting) in a few short days. It became the number one worldwide auto video on YouTube after just 2 days – Video 

Kalles "Egg Timer" Mobile App - This app has already has more than 50,000 downloads and is the third most downloaded in the free app section in the Swedish iTunes AppStore – Video 

“Love is out there, if we’re organized” - It’s not the first of it’s kind (i.e. but’s ‘Singles Finders’ app (by Ogilvy Argentina) identifies the exact amount of single people at any given bar/ club location at any given time -  Video 

The 'Atavist' and the Future of long form Journalism - Atavist is a term meaning “the reappearance of a characteristic in an organism after several generations of absence”. In this case, we’re talking about journalism longer than typical magazine articles but shorter than books – Video 

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