Monday, 15 August 2011


Vodaphone works with Tweetminster to create a real time festival news site. Vodaphone in the UK has joined up with political Twitter platform Tweetminster to launch Tweetfields - Site 

Coca-Cola Music - Coke teams up with music licensing company to find new talent and further cement its image as a musical brand – Article Give a Shit takes an unconventional approach to charity marketing, is asking you not for money, but basically to just give a shit to show you care about various causes – Website 

Students preparing to go to college this fall have the option of creating their own care package wish list to share with friends and family on Facebook with Target's new "U Care Cards" program  - Retailing Today

GEICO "Photo Crasher" App lets you choose one of the company's trademark cavemen and place him into your photos - App 

Nestle Purina PetCare is inviting Facebook fans to take the DryStep Challenge and test out their new line of training pads  - Facebook 

SAP share the B2B company's success in building a functional online community - Fast Company 

Nestle USA's Butterfinger is building social media buzz with contests on Facebook and Twitter to promote their new comedy-horror internet film directed by Rob Lowe  - MediaPost

The HEINEKEN 'BFF' app leverages Foursquare to notify beer promisers when their friends enter a bar so they can reward their buddies while on premise. There's even a payment system and notification capability so bartenders are alerted when a purchase has been made – Video 

With recipes, video, live chat, UGC, and close to 600,000 fans, RAGU'S “Moms The Word” social platform is one of the best we’ve seen. It’s chalked full of relevant content – all centered around Mom and the family dinner table – FB Page 
Virgin America is using social media in creative ways to connect with fans -- including their most recent Twitter scavenger hunt promotion involving San Francisco Giant Brian Wilson's beard  - ClickZ 

NEW BALANCE's “Urban Dash” iPhone App (developed to promote their flagship store in New York) challenges users to find one of hundreds of virtual batons around New York. The catch? Only 20-30 batons are released daily and (similar to Mini’s ‘Getaway’) if someone get’s close enough to you (when you have a baton), they can take it from you - Video 

Aeropostale has launched a new Facebook store to give fans a head start on their back-to-school shopping  - Facebook
Did you ever wonder how people actually use QR-codes? According to this Infographic - almost 60% say they are NOT familiar with QR codes at all – Infographic 

Luxury brands like Chanel, Bulgari, Diane von Furstenberg, and Gilt Groupe have learned how to engage fans using Facebook commerce while still maintaining their high-class status  - Luxury Daily 

As a starting point for users thinking about renting, buying, or watching a movie, Warner Bros. is rolling out Flixster Collections -- a social movie portal that gives suggestions and reviews based on what the community has recommended  - All Things Digital 

Nokia is giving fans on Facebook and Twitter a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their world's largest stop animation film using the N8 phone  - Geekologie 

Sears share how they use social media to build and scale their fitness community  - Vimeo 

"You LOL You Lose" is another good example of using facial recognition in a campaign. To prepare customers for its new line of milkshakes, Frijj has launched a website that pits you against the funniest YouTube videos ever. The catch? You laugh, you lose – Website 

How technology fuelled, documented and helped clean up after the London Riots – Article – Also how London digital agency Dare created This is our London, a website that pulls together images and social media to show how Londoners have come together for good.

3D PUDDING FACE BILLBOARD -Jell-o erected a billboard to put a smile on people's faces in NYC – Article 

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Foundation's 'Storyline Online' Program gets notable SAG Members (i.e. Betty White, James Earl Jones) to read children’s bedtime stories - Website and Facebook   

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