Friday, 2 September 2011


Miramax is launching the largest-scale Facebook streaming movie venture yet, with 20 different movies available for rent using Facebook credits as currency. - paidContent

The new integration of Dunkin' Donuts in the Sims Social Facebook game will allow players to give coffee and food items to other online friends each month. - The New York Times

Creating a coherent Social Media (SM) Strategy (by HSM Global featuring Charlene Li.) – Presentation

Harvard University has launched their new social media dashboard that puts their recent tweets, posts, and videos all in one convenient place. - Harvard University

1-800-Flowers Social App lets you post a virtual flower to a friends wall, wishing them happy birthday. But the cool thing here, is that virtual flower counts as one “real” flower in a group bouquet from all their Facebook friends – Video

Intel share how they are listening, learning, and changing their engagement strategy to better connect with fans. - Vimeo

Morton's Steakhouse is getting goodbuzz for their quick thinking in response to social celebrity Peter Shankman's Twitter request for a steak upon landing at Newark Airport. - The Huffington Post

IKEA (UK) has launched a clever interactive social shopping experience on YouTube that employs Facebook Connect to deepen the user engagement using your FB content – Video

Levi's is featuring a new video on their Facebook page that is uniquely tailored to over 20 countries as a part of their "Go Forth" global initiative to promote safe drinking water in developing countries. - Thomson Reuters

In an effort to help boost trust in internet transactions amongst their Latin American customers, Sony VAIO is connecting Facebook and in-store sales with a world travel-themed contest. - Sony

Smirnoff is inviting fans from 50 countries to share their best nightlife stories on Facebook for a chance to be a backup dancer on Madonna's next tour. - Foodista

Help design and prototype the new capitalism. COMMON (Bogusky's baby) is a creative community for rapidly prototyping social ventures all done under a unified and collaborative brand - Facebook Also, Alex on Advertising and Social Causes

ClickZ's annual Connected Marketing Awards has named Dell the winner of the Best Use of Social Media category for their "Getting Down to Business" social campaign on LinkedIn. - ClickZ

Sutter Home is using Facebook to empower their loyal female fans and raise awareness for their breast cancer research fundraising efforts. - MediaPost

For all you people with kids, RedRover will help you easily find the nearest petting zoos and open patches of grass. By adding fellow parents as friends on the app, you can view your upcoming activities and schedule play dates - App

Volkswagen's Virtual Golf Cabriolet Augmented Reality Application (by Total Immersion) let's you view and experience the vehicle as if at the dealership – Video

Do people select dog's that look like them? Pedigree Dog Food's "Doggleganger" website uses clever "Human to Canine Pairing Software" that uses your webcam (and some creativity) to pair you with your perfect dog to adopt – Website

Cadbury 'Spots vs. Stripes' Blippar App -Cadbury have launched an Augmented Reality (AR) gaming app (integrated with social channels) that utilizes Blippar's image recognition technology and AR app platform to activate the chocolate bar's packaging – Video

IKEA "The world's most liked showroom" - Social shopping is here. How better to capitalize then by creating a virtual showroom that's entirely integrated socially and extends dynamic offers based upon usage!? Finally nice to see more campaigns mining the FB data to deliver more relevant and compelling campaigns – Video

This is an interesting (intentionally morbid) use of geo-tagging, Google Maps and AR displays all previous traffic accident fatalities (info, photos, etc.) at any given location in Moscow (by Leo Burnett Moscow). The hope is to the shock citizens into being more mindful drivers - App

How best to communicate the VW Golf Bluemotion's low fuel consumption? VW’s (Norway) latest promotion (by agency ‘Try’) uses Google Maps and Streetview to turn a car journey into a game of roulette where users guess where the car will run out of fuel (in order to win it.) – Website + Video

Building a Brand as a Social ‘Movement’ – The MINI ‘Space’ Story

NFC technology meets Evernote - Tuchanote takes NFC chips and produces them as “stickers” along with deploying an app to link the NFC stickers to your Evernote notes when you scan them – Video

Building a Brand as a Social ‘Movement’ – The SCION ‘Art’ Story

The SCREEN ACTORS GUILD (SAG) Foundation's 'Storyline Online' Program gets notable SAG Members (i.e. Betty White, James Earl Jones) to read children’s bedtime stories - Website and Facebook  

Eric Qualman, author of Socialnomics delivers his take on the advent of the social media intern and ROI.

Ben & Jerry’s have launched a clever new social campaign called “Fair Tweets“ that leverages your unused twitter characters. The site and app (by Stink Digital) automatically generate a relevant message to help promote World Fair Trade Day – Video

Yet another tool to add to your social marketing toolset (if you're not already) - Instagram's pictures can be tagged, aggregated, and repurposed (as demonstrated in this case via The Butler Bros own website. This could make a nice campaign extension and create UGC. It's like the Skittles homepage Twitter aggregator with photos – Video

The genius of 'Sneakerpedia' - Fatigued by traditional marketing messages, people are far more likely to get involved with a cause they connect with. So brands are increasingly investing in projects, not campaigns, to show what they stand for and encourage a more meaningful connection with audiences. Foot Locker's 'Sneakerpedia' website is a testament to moderating a discussion (and community) around vintage kicks – Website

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Reach Block - Is it possible to reach 100% of your target audience on a given day using Facebook? Believe it or not ‘Yes’. Facebook offers their equivalent of the homepage takeover (called a ‘Reach Block’) – and it costs almost as much as a basic homepage takeover on Yahoo and MSN (over $300,000/day). Facebook defines a 100% reach block as “Reach blocks allow advertisers to reach all of a specified demographic on a given day. Once a user sees the Engagement ad 5 times (the frequency cap), they will not see that advertisement anymore, and your remaining impressions reach other users in the target.” This has also been positioned as a Brand Day.

Kellogg's, for example, worked with Facebook to reach it's target audience of 18-24 year olds for the launch of new cereal brand Krave through a range of engagement ads, including Videos, Likes and Polls. Kellogg's was also able to reach 100% of its target audience over a 24-hour period using Reach Blocks. (More -

Target Block - A Facebook ‘Target Block’ blasts targeted media lasting three continuous days giving more time for users and their friends to engage and interact with your ad. Target Blocks allow you to target a certain demographic (e.g., females, 18+) or geography (e.g., NSW/ VIC). 

Sponsored Groups - While anyone can create a Facebook Group, the sponsored groups provide additional functionality including customized navigation and a unique look & feel. Sponsored groups also usually include a significant media buy to drive traffic to the sponsored group page. Note: Costs are usually in the six figures for a three-month engagement.

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