Wednesday, 15 February 2012

'Shoot My Truck' - The latest 'Twisted Metal' Campaign

Who doesn’t want to shoot an ice cream truck with an M249-SAW machine gun!?  Admittedly this is not a synopsis that we ever expected to be writing, but it is precisely what Sony PlayStation has set up in the Nevada desert to celebrate the re-launch of the Twisted Metal gaming franchise. 

The new game (which refreshingly drops any clich├ęd, colon-ridden titles) is promising to set things right and launches, perhaps ironically, on Valentine's Day. The campaign began with a viral call to arms hosted on a dedicated website,, as well as on the PlayStation YouTube channel. It stars game director and self-confessed 'alleged psychopath' David Jaffe, who explains how he's 'here to tell you about the epic return of gaming's most sick, depraved franchise. It's Twisted fucking Metal on the PlayStation 3'.  

Gamers were able to register - either via Facebook or Twitter - for the chance to fire the gun for 30 seconds each over the course of two days. For a grand finale, three lucky, trigger-happy participants will be given an extended 90 seconds to finish off Sweet Tooth's ride, eventually blowing it to smithereens in front of a global audience tuning in via a live video feed.

With more excessively potty-mouthed prose, he proceeds to explain the simple, brutal mechanics of the campaign, which centers on a real M249-SAW machine gun mounted on a control desk in the middle of the desert. The gun is aimed at a perfect replica of the hot-rodded ice cream van belonging to game character and talisman, Sweet Tooth (whose head also happens to be a flaming skull). However, the weapon is hooked up to a remote, online interface, which means that anyone around the world with an Internet connection is capable of taking control and letting rip into the van or a selection of other unlikely targets.